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November 27, 2015 – Wildlife Control

Dear Councillor Karygiannis:

I would like to thank you in a profound way for your leadership activities on the various Committees and the Toronto City Council.

I happened to be present for the Wildlife Licensing item of the Licensing and Standards Committee yesterday.  You asked about a deputant’s experience with other jurisdictions regarding wildlife control perhaps to expand on the information you already possessed as a Committee,…

Thank you again for your tireless efforts for the people in your constituency as well as for the citizens and visitors to the City of Toronto, past, present and future.

Best Regards,


October 23, 2015 – Huntingwood Drive

Dear Jim, We would like to express our most sincere thanks to you and your staff for your efforts in resolving the problems associated with the ……..

You managed in less than 6 months to do what I was unable to in over 2 years.  Thank you again and please feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee (instant) if you are nearby.