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August 31, 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月31日 ― 电子通讯

August 31, 2020 – E-Newsletter

 COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 16,044 total cases
  • 40 new confirmed cases
  • 30 people hospitalized
  • 1,175 deaths
  • 14,498 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

Please Discard Used PPE Into Bins

My office has been made aware that masks and gloves are being discarded on the ground in parking lots and in parks. Used PPE poses high germ transmission risks and it must be discarded appropriately. Please throw used masks and gloves into the trash.

City of Toronto

  • Today, the City of Toronto presented the COVID-19 Resurgence Plan, which outlines priorities and associated actions that the City will implement in the event of a resurgence of COVID-19. The five priority areas of the City’s response are:
    • implement public health measures;
    • support vulnerable populations;
    • support City employees;
    • mitigate the impact to Toronto’s economy; and,
    • ensure the resiliency of City services and a coordinated response. Read more…

Government of Ontario

  • Long-term care residents can leave their residences for short-stay and temporary absences.

o   Effective immediately, residents can spend time away from their long-term care homes for day trips or overnight absences.

o   For ‘short-stay’ absences — those that do not include an overnight stay — homes must provide residents with a medical mask to be worn at all times when outside of the home and remind them of the importance of public health measures, including physical distancing. When they return, residents must be actively screened but are not required to be tested or to self-isolate.

2020831 ― 电子通讯



  • 16,044宗累计确诊病例
  • 40宗当日新增病例
  • 住院患者30人
  • 累计死亡1,175人
  • 累计康复14,498人







  • 今天,市府出台了应对第二波COVID-19疫情计划,概括了本市在万一爆发第二波COVID-19疫情的情形下将会优先考虑的事项及其相关行动。市府应对措施包括以下五个优先领域:

o    落实公共卫生措施;

o    支持弱势群体;

o    支持市府雇员工作;

o    减轻对多伦多经济的影响;以及

o   保障市政服务的弹性及协调反应。更多资讯



  • 长期护理院住户可以离开所在护理院,在外短暂停留或过夜。

o    自即刻起,长期护理院住户可以外出,当日往返或在外过夜。

o    对于那些在外“短暂停留”― 不包括在外过夜的住户 ― 长期护理院必须为住户提供医用口罩,以便让住户在外停留期间全天候佩戴,并提醒住户遵守公共卫生措施的重要性,例如与他人保持安全社交距离。住户归院时,必须积极接受筛查,但没必要进行检测或自我隔离。