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August 28 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月28日 ― 电子通讯

August 28 2020 – E-Newsletter

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,925 total cases
  • 26 new confirmed cases
  • 40 hospitalized
  • 1,174 deaths
  • 14,442 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

Please Close and Lock Your Garage Doors

My office has received reports of thieves walking into garages left open and unattended. Under no circumstances should you leave your garage doors wide open and unattended, even for the smallest amount of time. Lock up your garage the moment you intend to leave its line of sight.

City of Toronto

  • The City of Toronto continues to respond to COVID-19. As the virus continues to circulate in the community, residents are reminded to adhere to Toronto Public Health’s advice to practise physical distancing, stay within their social circle of no more than 10 people, wash hands often and wear a mask or face covering where mandatory or when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Wearing a mask or face covering is required in indoor public spaces in Toronto.
  • As more of the city’s businesses continue to reopen, residents can learn about what to expect and what is required by clicking here.
  • The City’s website is updated daily with the latest health advice and information about City services, social supports and economic recovery measures. Read more…
  • There will be a partial intersection closure at Lake Shore Boulevard and Jarvis St. this weekend as part of Gardiner renewal work between Jarvis and Cherry Streets.

o    From 12:01 am Saturday, August 29 to 4:59 am, Monday, August 31, westbound Lake Shore Boulevard will be reduced to two lanes leading up to Jarvis St. There will be no southbound access to Jarvis St. at Lake Shore Boulevard.

o    Left turns will be prohibited in all directions. Only northbound right turns will be permitted on Jarvis St. at Lake Shore Boulevard.

o    The Gardiner Expressway will be reduced to a single eastbound lane from 6:00 am Saturday, August 29 to 6:00 am Sunday, August 30, between Jarvis St. and Cherry St. The Gardiner is not affected in the westbound direction.

  • As part of ActiveTO, parts of major roads in the city will be closed from Saturday, August 29 at 6:00 am to Sunday, August 30 at 11:00 pm:
    • Lake Shore Boulevard West (eastbound lanes only) from Windermere Avenue to Stadium Road. As a result, the eastbound Gardiner Expressway off ramp to Lake Shore Boulevard West (exit #146) will also be closed;
    • Lake Shore Boulevard East (eastbound lanes only) from Leslie Street to just south of Woodbine Avenue (Kew Beach Avenue); and,
    • Bayview Avenue from Front Street East to Rosedale Valley Road, and River Street from Gerrard Street East to Bayview Avenue. Read more…


2020828 ― 电子通讯


  • 15,925宗累计确诊病例
  • 26宗当日新增病例
  • 住院患者40人
  • 累计死亡1,174人
  • 累计康复14,442人





  • 本市继续应对 COVID-19疫情。因为病毒仍在社区传播,居民需遵从多伦多公共卫生局卫生医疗官提出的建议,保持安全社交距离,社交圈不要超过10人,经常洗手,并依照有关法规或在无法保持安全社交距离的情况下佩戴口罩或面罩。在本市室内公共场所均需戴上口罩或面罩。
  • 随着更多本市企业继续重启,居民可了解重启的不同阶段及要求。请点击此处
  • 本市官网每日都会更新最新健康建议以及有关市政服务、社会支持和经济复苏措施方面的讯息。更多资讯
  • 本周末,作为整修Gardiner高速公路位于Jarvis街和Cherry街之间路段的一部分,Lake Shore大道和Jarvis街的交叉路口将部分关闭。

o    从8月28日(星期五)午夜12点01分至8月31日(星期一)早上4点59分,往Jarvis街西行的Lake Shore大道将会缩减为两条车道。Lake Shore大道暂无通往Jarvis街的南行通道。

o    所有方向禁止左转。Jarvis 街北行线,与Lake Shore大道交叉路口只许右转。

o    Gardiner高速公路将于8月29日(星期六)早上6点至8月30日(星期日)早上6点在Jarvis 街和Cherry 街之间缩减为一条东行车道。Gardiner西行方向不受影响。

  • 作为ActiveTO计划的一部分,本市主要干道的部分路段将于8月29日(星期六)早上6点至8月30日(星期日)晚上11点之间关闭:
    • Lake Shore大道西路(仅限东行线),从Windermere大道到Stadium路之间。因此, Gardiner高速公路东行线下坡道通往Lake Shore大道西路的146号出口也将关闭;
    • Lake Shore大道东路(仅限东行线)从Leslie街刚好到Woodbine大道以南(Kew Beach大道));
    • 以及Bayview大道从Front街东路到Rosedale Valley路之间和River街从Gerrard街东路到Bayview大道之间。更多资讯.