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August 26, 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月26日 ― 电子通讯

August 26, 2020 – E-Newsletter

 COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,866 total cases
  • 33 new confirmed cases
  • 44 people hospitalized
  • 1,167 deaths
  • 14,401 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

Delta Hotel Follow-Up

Last night, City staff, shelter operators and 42 Division came together virtually to address questions and provide further information for residents regarding the Delta Hotel shelter programs. I want to thank residents for sending in their questions and tuning in. My office will be providing follow-up information and contacts for residents in the coming days.

City of Toronto

  • Community Environment Day events begin September 13 and will run on seven weekends until November 1.  This year, Community Environment Days will be set up as drive-thru events at the City’s seven Drop-Off Depots. This is a great opportunity to help reduce the amount of reusable or recyclable waste going to landfill and to safely dispose of household hazardous waste.
  • At the events, residents can drive to different stations to drop off clothing, books and unwanted items for donation and to dispose of batteries, old paint and other household hazardous waste. Free bagged compost will be available (limit of two bags per vehicle while supplies last). Read more…

Government of Canada

  • The Federal Government is providing $2 billion in funding to schools across the country to help with implementing public safety measures.
  • The $2 billion will allow provinces and territories to work with local school boards. This money can be used to change learning spaces, improve air ventilation, increase sanitization and hygiene and buy personal equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • An extra $112 million for First Nations communities was also announced to ensure a safe return to school on reserves.
  • Funding will be provided in two installments, one this fall and the second in early 2021.


2020826 ― 电子通讯



  • 33宗当日新增病例
  • 住院患者44人
  • 累计死亡1,167人
  • 累计康复14,401人





  • 社区环境日活动自9月13日起,将在七个周末进行,一直持续到11月1日。今年,社区环境日将在本市的七个垃圾回收站以居民驾驶通过的方式进行。这是一个大好机会,有助于减少可重复使用或可回收的废物进入填埋场并安全处理家庭危险废物。
  • 活动中,居民可驾车到不同站口,捐赠衣物、书籍和不需要的物品,并处理电池、旧油漆和其他家庭危险废物,还可免费获得袋装堆肥(每辆车限取两袋,先到先得)。更多资讯


  • 联邦政府向全国各地的学校追加20亿的拨款,以助实施公共卫生安全措施。
  • 这笔20亿加元的拨款能够让各省和地区与当地教育局合作,将这笔资金用于改造学习空间、改善通风系统、加强消毒和卫生、以及添置个人防护物资及清洁用品。
  • 联邦政府还宣布为原住民社区提供额外的1.12亿加元,以确保原住民区的学生安全返校。
  • 拨款将分两期提供,第一期将于今年秋季发放,第二期将于2021年初提供。