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August 18, 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月18日 – 电子通讯

  August 18, 2020 – E-Newsletter

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,622 total cases
  • 32 new confirmed cases
  • 51 people hospitalized
  • 1,164 deaths
  • 14,194 recovered

Full details from  Toronto Public Health

Lost Cat – Last Seen in Dunmurray Boulevard area
Cat belongs to a small child.We would like to ask residents living in and around Dunmurray Boulevard to keep their eyes out for a missing cat. Grace has blue eyes, cream body fur with dark brown face fur and large dark brown pointed ears. She is suspected to be hiding in a garage or shed. If you spot a cat with such markings in the neighbourhood, please contact 416-272-0809 or email jacquie.peppler@gmail.com

L’Amoreaux Kidstown Revitalization Project

L’Amoreaux Kidstown is the City of Toronto’s only owned and operated waterpark. It is the most popular outdoor aquatic facility in the City. In order to keep Kidstown in good shape for many summers to come, the waterpark and its surroundings will undergo a revitalization to make it a more dynamic, accessible, safe, and exciting space that will better serve park users.

The project will include the following:

  • Redesign and replacement of the water park/splash pad
  • Expanded parking and queueing areas
  • New and improved changing facilities and washrooms
  • Enhanced spaces for permit use
  • Shade structure(s)

The City will be leading this project and has procured a local firm, PMA Landscape Architects, to act as the primary consultant undertaking the design and construction administration. More information will be coming soon

Government of Ontario

Resumes Infant Hearing ChecksThe Provincial Government is providing $3.8 million to support hearing checks for infants who did not receive the universal newborn hearing screen due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As Ontario re-opens, Infant Hearing Program lead agencies are now starting to safely resume in-person services. Read more…




COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 15,622宗累计确诊病例
  • 32宗新病例
  • 51名患者需要入院
  • 累计1,164人死亡
  • 累计14,194人康复


宠物猫失踪最后一次出现在 Dunmurray Boulevard 区域

我们请求住在Dunmurray Boulevard以及附近地带的居民请留意邻里的一只失踪的宠物猫 Grace Grace 有一双蓝色的眼睛、米色的毛、深棕色的脸毛,以及深棕色的大耳朵(看以下图片)。Grace的主人猜测它可能躲在别家户的车房或棚子里。如果您在本区里发现有以上描述的猫,请致电416-272-0809或发送电邮至 jacquie.peppler@gmail.com


L’Amoreaux Kidstown 重建计划

L’Amoreaux Kidstown 是多伦多市政府唯一拥有以及经营的水上乐园。它是市内最受欢迎的室外水上设施。为了使Kidstown在未来的很多夏季保持良好的状态,水上乐园及其范围将进行重建,使其变得更加动态、便捷、安全和令人兴奋,从而更好地为使用者服务。


  • 重新设计和更换溅水垫
  • 矿大停车场以及排队区
  • 新的更衣室和洗手间
  • 矿大的公园许可专用地区
  • 遮阳范围

市政府将带领本计划,并已聘请本地公司PMA Landscape Architecture 作为设计和建筑顾问。更多详情将稍后公布。