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August 17, 2020 – COVID-19 Update – 2020年8月17日 – COVID-19 每日更新

August 17, 2020 – COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,622 total cases
  • 32 new confirmed cases
  • 51 people hospitalized
  • 1,164 deaths
  • 14,194 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

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Delta Hotel Temporary Shelter Conversion

During the COVID-19 emergency, the Delta Hotel has been engaged with the City of Toronto to temporarily house members of the homeless community. If you would like to receive an update regarding this issue, please send an e-mail to jim@karygiannis.net.

City of Toronto

  • Toronto Public Health is establishing a team of more than 70 nurses to provide support to schools as they reopen.
    • These nurses will provide education and training sessions to school staff, parents and caregivers to promote infection prevention and control measures, and other public health advice to limit opportunities for virus spread.
    • Public health teams will also be providing mental health and well-being support in school settings, along with rapid-response outbreak investigation, case management and support the planning process for testing if a COVID-19 case is detected in a school setting.
  • The City of Toronto is gearing up to offer fall recreation programs beginning this October as well as After-school Recreation Care (ARC) and Community Leadership After-School Program (CLASP) this September. Registration for fall recreation programming will take place from September 12 to 16.
    • Fall recreation programs will be modified to comply with public health guidelines and provincial restrictions. The programs will run with reduced capacity to allow for physical distancing and to ensure that people can safely participate in indoor settings. Some programs will not resume if they require the sharing of equipment or food supplies. Read more…

Government of Ontario

  • The Provincial Government is supporting the safe reopening of many sport, fitness and recreation facilities by applying a capacity limit on a per room basis. Beginning August 15, 2020 at 12:01 am, these facilities can have up to 50 patrons for each indoor sport or fitness room, while ensuring physical distancing of at least two metres. Read more…


2020817 – COVID-19 每日更新

 COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 15,566宗累计确诊病例
  • 18宗新病例
  • 61名患者需要入院
  • 累计1,164人死亡
  • 累计14,150人康复



Delta 酒店变临时庇护所

在多伦多市处于COVID-19 紧急状态时,市政府与本区的Delta酒店达成协议,将酒店改为临时庇护所用途。如有查询,请发送电邮至jim@karygiannis.net


  • 多伦多公共卫生部门正在设立由70多名护士组成的关注小组,为学校重新开放提供支援服务。
    • 护士们将为学校员工、家长,和看护者提供预防和控制感染的教育和训练,和其他的公共卫生指引以防止疫情在校园内传播。
    • 公共卫生部门的职员还将在学校环境中提供心理健康支援,以及快速反应的爆发调查,病例管理,并支持规划过程以测试是否在学校环境中检测到COVID-19病例。
  • 多伦多市正加紧准备从今年10月开始的秋季娱乐计划,以及从9月开始的课余娱乐休闲(ARC)和社区领导课后娱乐计划(CLASP)。秋季娱乐节目的注册将于9月12日至16日进行。
  • 市政府将修改秋季娱乐计划,以符合公共卫生准则和省级限制。这些项目较往年将接受较少的参与者,以确保社交距离得以维持并确保市民可以安全地参与室内节目。需要共享设备或食品的活动将无法恢复。


  • 通过限制房间的容量,安大略省政府已允许多间体育,健身和娱乐设施重新开放。 从2020年8月15日午夜12点01分开始,各设施的室内运动或健身室最多能容纳50位顾客。重开的设施必须确保各顾客保持至少两米的距离。
  • 新的容量限制将适用于体育馆,健身俱乐部,社区中心,多功能设施,体育馆,健身室,瑜伽和舞蹈室以及其他能够遵循指南的健身设施。