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August 10, 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月10日 – 电子通讯

August 10, 2020 – E-Newsletter

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,532 total cases
  • 14 new confirmed cases
  • 69 people hospitalized
  • 1,163 deaths
  • 14,108 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • Toronto Public Library continues to add in-branch services this week with relevant health and safety measures in place. These include the use of computers in many branches and the ability to pick up material holds without an appointment, in addition to the scheduled pick-up of holds.
  • Applications to the CaféTO program, providing increased dining capacity through patio space, has been extended to tomorrow, Tuesday August 11 at 12:00 pm. CaféTO will run until November 15. For more information, please click here.
  • The City’s first three DriveInTO events have been sold out. For more information, please click here.
  • You can now access application forms for Property Tax, Water & Solid Waste Relief Programs by clicking here.  Due to COVID-19, the application deadline has been pushed to October 30, 2020.
  • The City has reopened 21 Toronto Early Learning & Child Care Centres, with the remaining locations expected to be reopened by the end of September.
  • There have been more than 17,600 registrations to CampTO and nearly 3,500 participants took part in the first week of ParksPlayTO. For more information, please click here.

2020810 电子通讯

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 15,532宗累计确诊病例
  • 14宗新病例
  • 69名患者需要入院
  • 累计1,163人死亡
  • 累计14,108人康复



  • 多伦多公共图书馆本周将陆续恢复馆内服务,并将采取适当的健康和安全措施。多间分馆将会恢复提供电脑供应,和允许没有预先预约的市民去图书馆领取图书等服务。市民仍然能够先预约时间去图书馆领取图书。
  • 申请加入CafeTO 计划的截止日期已延长至明天8月11日中午12点。CaféTO计划目前为多家餐厅提供支持矿大用餐空间的措施,以确保社交距离。CafeTO 计划将进行到2020年11月15日。更多详情,请点击这里
  • 市政府举办的首三个DriveInTO 活动门票已售完。更多详情,请点击这里
  • 多伦多市民现在能上网参阅今年的物业税、水和固体废物费用支援计划的申请表。更多详情,请点击这里。鉴于COVID-19疫情关系,截止日期已被延长至2020年10月30日。
  • 市政府已经重新开放21间托儿所。其他地点预计将在9月底前重新开放。
  • 市政府到目前为止已经收到超过17,600个CampTO申请。同时,近3500人已参与ParksPlayTO第一周的活动。更多详情,请点击这里