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August 7, 2020 – E-Newsletter – 2020年8月7日 – 电子通讯

August 7, 2020 – E-Newsletter

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 15,484 total cases
  • 12 new confirmed cases
  • 74 people hospitalized
  • 1,161 deaths
  • 14,063 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

As more of the City’s businesses continue to reopen, residents can learn about what to expect and what is required at https://www.toronto.ca/ReopenTO.

City of Toronto Stage 3 Re-Opening Overview – Weekend of August 8, 2020

 Apartments and condominiums

  • New rules are in effect requiring masks or face coverings to be worn in common areas in apartments and condominiums.
  • Under the new bylaw for apartments and condos, building owners or operators must have a policy to ensure masks or face coverings are worn in enclosed common spaces such as lobbies, elevators and laundry rooms, with corresponding signs indicating as such.
  • This bylaw includes exemptions for people who are unable to wear a mask or face covering for medical reasons, for children under two years old, and for other reasonable accommodations.

Restaurants and bars

  • Additional requirements to protect the health and safety of customers are now in effect. These include ensuring that all customers remain seated except when entering/ exiting, using the washroom or paying the bill.
  • Customers can expect to be asked for basic personal information as management of food and drink establishments must now keep customer logs that include names and contact information for each party.
  • Curb-lane closures continue to be in place this weekend to accommodate cafés/patios for CaféTO locations throughout the city. The CaféTO program currently supports more than 600 restaurants with expanded dining space to allow for physical distancing.

ActiveTO road closures, cycling network, Quiet Streets

  • The following ActiveTO major road closures will be in place this weekend, from Saturday, August 8 at 6:00 am to Sunday, August 9 at 11:00 pm:
    • Lake Shore Boulevard West (eastbound lanes only) from Windermere Avenue to Stadium Road. As a result, the eastbound Gardiner Expressway off ramp to Lake Shore Boulevard West (exit #146) will be closed;
    • Lake Shore Boulevard East (eastbound lanes only) from Leslie Street to just south of Woodbine Avenue (Kew Beach Avenue); and,
    • Bayview Avenue from Front Street East to Rosedale Valley Road, and River Street from Gerrard Street East to Bayview Avenue
  • Residents planning to use those roads should access them by bike or as a pedestrian because nearby parking is limited and there is no onsite parking available.
  • More than 60 kilometres of Quiet Streets are available to neighbourhood residents throughout the city this weekend. More information, including an online map of all locations, can be found on the ActiveTO webpage at http://www.toronto.ca/activeTO.
  • Toronto’s cycling network is rapidly expanding. In Ward 22, a new temporary route is actively being installed along Huntingwood Avenue.

City pools and splash pads

  • The City’s 140 splash pads, 100 wading pools, 56 outdoor swimming pools and 29 indoor pools are now open. Some pools are closed for repair. Pool status is available online at: https://www.toronto.ca/data/parks/alerts/swim/index.html.
  • Capacity at outdoor and indoor pools is reduced to 25 per cent. Swimmers are limited to 45-minute sessions to allow for cleaning. Full details are available at http://www.toronto.ca/swim.


  • Most amenities in City parks are now open.
  • Playgrounds and outdoor exercise equipment are open.
  • Outdoor playground equipment will not be sanitized. Updated signage with public health guidance will be posted. Residents visiting a park or beach must continue practising physical distancing and avoid crowding.


Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) August Events

During the COVID-19 emergency, ACSA has been offering the EarlyOn Children and Family Program activities and events virtually. For a list of programs offered weekly and in the month of August, please click here.

The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association (TCSSA) – Healthy Food Basket of Connection

TCSSA will be launching a food hamper delivery program for seniors over 65 and individuals with underlying health conditions living in Scarborough-Agincourt. The program will run between August 10 to September 18, 2020.  For more information, please click here.

TTC RapidTO Bus Lanes Program

The RapidTO program, part of the TTC’s 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook, aims to move people more efficiently on some of the busiest surface transit routes in the city. The Eglinton East priority bus lanes were the first to be approved by City Council on July 28, 2020 and are expected to be in operation by November 2020.

In Ward 22, Finch Avenue East has been selected for inclusion in the RapidTO program. The plan currently has a ‘Priority C’ designation, with the implementation date to be decided.

For more information, please click here.




COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 15,484宗累计确诊病例
  • 12宗新病例
  • 74名患者需要入院
  • 累计1,161人死亡
  • 累计14,063人康复



随着多伦多市商户陆续重新开业,市民可以在以下网页阅读多伦多市所准备的重新开放信息: https://www.toronto.ca/ReopenTO 

有关多伦多市第三阶段重新开放概览– 202088日至9


  • 有关在多伦多市内公寓须佩戴口罩的新法例现已生效。法例规定市民在公寓共用空间里必须佩戴口罩或面罩。
  • 根据该例,公寓业主或管理人必须制定规则,以确保市民在共用空间(如大厅,电梯和洗衣房)配戴口罩或面罩,并在共用空间张贴标志提醒市民佩戴口罩或面罩。
  • 新法例豁免因医疗原因而不能佩戴口罩的人士,两岁以下的儿童以及因其他合理条件而无法佩戴口罩或面罩的人士。



  • 市政府保护餐饮顾客健康和安全的附加措施现已生效。 附加措施包括确保客人在任何时候不能离座(除客人出入,使用洗手间或支付账单时外)。
  • 根据新措施,餐饮店铺的管理部门现在必须保留客户记录,包括各顾客的姓名和联系信息。顾客去餐厅时应预料要为餐厅员工提供基本个人资料。
  • 市政府本周末将继续实施路沿封闭措施,以容纳多伦多市各CaféTO地点。 CaféTO计划目前为600多家餐厅提供支持矿大用餐空间的措施,以确保社交距离。



  • 因ActiveTO计划,多伦多市将在8月9日星期六早上6:00至8月9日星期日晚上11:00期间局步关闭以下主要街道:
    • Lake Shore Boulevard West东行线从Windermere Avenue 到 Stadium Road。因此,Gardiner Expressway 东行线 Lakeshore Boulevard West 的出口 (Exit 146) 亦会同时关闭。
    • Lake Shore Boulevard East 东行线从Leslie Street 到 Woodbine Avenue 以南的 Kew Beach Avenue。
    • Bayview Avenue 从 Mill Street 到 Rosedale Valley Road; 以及River Street从 Gerrard Street East 到 Bayview Avenue。
  • 以上所述的街道将不会有停车位提供。使用上述道路的居民应骑自行车或作为步行者进入。
  • 本周末,市民均可享用超过60公里的宁静街道。市民可以在ActiveTO网页上找到更多信息,包括各宁静街道的在线地图:http://www.toronto.ca/activeTO.
  • 多伦多市的自行车网络正在迅速扩展。在本区,市政府正在沿着Huntingwood Avenue安装一条新的临时自行车道。



  • 多伦多市的140个嬉水池、100个浅水池,56个室外游泳池和29个室内游泳池现已开放。少数游泳池因维修而维持关闭。更多详情,请浏览https://www.toronto.ca/data/parks/alerts/swim/index.html
  • 所有室外游泳池容量被降低到正常容量的百分之25。游泳者仅限于45分钟的游泳时间,以容许员工更频繁地清洁。更多详情,请浏览:http://www.toronto.ca/swim


  • 多伦多市各公园大部分的设施现已开放。
  • 游乐场和室外运动器材现已开放。
  • 室外游乐场设备不会被消毒。 最新的公共卫生指导标牌将被张贴。 前往公园或海滩的居民必须继续保持社交距离以及避开人群。


Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) 八月活动

在COVID-19紧急情况期间,ACSA一直在网上提供EarlyOn计划的儿童和家庭活动。 有关每周和本月的节目列表,请点击这里






RapidTO计划是多伦多公车局(TTC)的“5年服务计划”和“10年展望”的一部分,旨为市民于最繁忙的公车路线提供更有效率的服务。Eglinton East的公车专线是首个获得市政府在2020年6月28日批准的专线并准备在2020年11月开始投入服务。

在本区,Finch Avenue East 已被选入RapidTO 计划并被分类至「C级重点」组别,其实行日期有待市政府未来公布。