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June 22, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates – June 22, 2020

Congratulations 2020 Graduates

I want to extend my congratulations to all the students who are graduating this year.  You have worked hard to achieve this goal and should take pride in your achievement.  While this year’s graduation is not being celebrated in the same way as graduations in the past, it is no less a time for your loved ones to celebrate your success and for you to look toward the future.

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes in all your future endeavours.

Please take a moment to pass along this message to your family, neighbours and friends. If you would like to sign someone up for our e-mailing list, please send me their e-mail addresses at  jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 13,893 total cases
  • 37 new confirmed cases (30 fewer new cases from previous day)
  • 248 hospitalized with 62 in ICU
  • 1,044 deaths
  • 11,879 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

 City of Toronto

  • As of 11:30am today, lifeguards are on duty at six of Toronto’s swimming beaches. Lifeguards will supervise swim areas from 11:30am to 6:30pm daily. Read more…
  • As the City of Toronto enters Stage 2 of re-opening on June 24, the following businesses will re-open with modified services:
    • restaurants and bars for delivery, takeout, and outdoor dining only
    • shopping malls, except for indoor dining spaces including any tables and seating in food courts
    • personal care services, such as barber shops, hair styling, nails, tattoos & aesthetic services (but not for care of a patron’s face, such as facials and beard trims)
    • drive-in cinemas and drive-thru concerts, theatrical productions, performance or artistic events.
  • Many recreational and cultural spaces can also reopen, subject to conditions:
    • water recreational services, including splash pads, wading pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools
    • community centres for a very limited number of modified uses, including certain outdoor sports and recreational activities, day camp, pools, splash pads, spray pads and wading pools, and indoor activities and services other than non-aquatic indoor sports and recreational fitness activities.
    • Campgrounds, museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos and heritage institutions
    • libraries with limited on-site services.

Government of Ontario

  • The Government of Ontario is allowing the City of Toronto to move into Stage 2 of the Province’s re-opening scheme. Toronto Public Health will enter Stage 2 on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 12:01am. Only Windsor-Essex will remain in Stage 1.
  • The Provincial Government strongly recommends that public health advice including physical distancing, wearing a face covering, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth be followed.

Government of Canada

  • Most Federal public servants will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, some even permanently. Individual departments will bring back the most critical staff first. The return will be gradual, will vary by department and will put health and safety first.
  • Pandemic-related disruptions to our daily lives have impacted our mental health and well-being, with some turning to substances like alcohol to cope
  • Even more concerning – research by CAMH published last week indicated that more than 1 in 4 respondents between the ages of 18-59 had engaged in binge drinking in the last 7 days
  • Recent survey conducted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction found that 1 in 4 respondents (ages 35-53) and 1 in 5 (ages 18-34) had increased their alcohol use during the pandemic
  • Lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom were the most common reasons cited for increased drinking

COVID-19每日更新– 2020622


我在此对所有即将在本年度毕业的学生表示祝贺。 您们应为您的成就和努力感到自豪。  虽然今年的毕业典礼未能如过往的一样举行,但这日子仍是你和亲人一起庆祝和展望将来一个不可或缺的时刻。恭喜您完成了您的学业,并祝您今后一切顺利。

请将此讯息传递给你的家人、邻居和朋友。如果各位希望收到我们的每日更新,请用电子邮件通知: jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 13,893宗累计确诊病例
  • 37宗新病例(较日前少30宗)
  • 248名患者需要入院,其中62人在重症监护病房留医
  • 累计1,044人死亡
  • 累计11,897人康复

更多详情请参阅 多伦多公共卫生部们网页


  • 截至今天上午11:30,市内六个泳滩已有救生员当值。救生员在指定泳区的当值时间为每天上午11:30至下午6:30。更多详情: 点击这里
  • 本市将于6月24日开始第二阶段重启计划。以下商户/场所可在新的营运指引下重新开放:
    • 餐厅和酒吧,但仅能提供外卖和开放室外餐桌。
    • 大型购物中心,但不包括室内用餐空间(包括任何桌子和美食广场座位)。
    • 个人护理服务店铺,例如理发店,发型设计,指甲,纹身和美容服务(但不适用提供于面部护理服务和胡须修剪等面部服务的店舖)。
    • 自驾进场的汽车电影院、音乐会、剧埸、表演和艺术活动。
  • 在符合指定条件下,一些娱乐和文化场所将可重新开放:
    • 包括嬉水池、浅水池,室内和室外游泳池等水上娱乐服务。
    • 有限度开放社区中心,其中包括一些户外运动和娱乐活动、日营、游泳池、嬉水池,以及其他非水上室内运动和非娱乐健身类的室内活动和服务。
    • 露营地点、博物馆、美术馆、水族馆、动物园,和文化遗产机构。
    • 图书馆服务将有限度的开放。


  • 省政府将允许多伦多市进入重启的第二阶段。多伦多公共卫生部将于2020年6月24日(星期三)上午12:01开始进入第二阶段。而Windsor-Essex将维持在第一阶段。
  • 省政府强烈建议市民遵循公共卫生建议,其中包括保持身体距离、佩带口罩、勤洗手、避免触摸眼睛,鼻子和嘴巴。


  • 大部份联邦公务员将在未来一段日子里继续远端工作,这个安排对于其中部份职位将是永久性的。 各个部门将首先调回最主要的员工,其余员工将逐步重返以往的工作岗位。政府将会把员工的健康与安全放在首位,因此,进度将会因不同部门而异。
  • 疫情带来的改变影响隃我们的身心健康,而其中有些人因此以依赖酒精等药品来应付这些改变。
  • 更令人担忧的是,CAMH上周发表的研究显示了有超过四分之一,年龄在18-59岁之间的受访者在过去7天内曾有大量饮酒。
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction 最近进行的调查亦发现,大约四分之一(年龄介乎35-53岁之间)的受访者和五分之一(年龄介乎18-34岁之间)的受访者的饮酒量在疫情期间有所增加。
  • 饮酒量增长的原因主要是压力以及缺乏规律和沈闷的生活。