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June 18, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – COVID-19 每日更新 – 2020年6月18日

COVID-19 Updates – June 18, 2020

Today, we surpassed 1000 deaths from COVID-19 in Toronto. My deepest condolences go to the loved ones of the deceased.  I join you in wishing the people that are going through COVID-19 at the present a quick recovery.

I want to remind everyone that we must remain vigilant and maintain good health practices. COVID-19 is still with us.

Aside from making masks mandatory on their properties and vehicles, the TTC is also committed towards providing 1 million face masks to commuters. I encourage everyone taking transit to practice good hygiene and make use of these masks once distribution begins.

Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Mandatory face masks in public – Yes or No

City of Toronto staff will be presenting a report to the June meeting of City Council with respect to whether or not wearing a face mask should be mandatory when a person is out in public.  I am asking you to express your views on this very important issue.  I look forward to hearing your views.  To express your views, please click here

Please take a moment to pass along this message to your family, neighbours and friends. If you would like to sign someone up for our e-mailing list, please send me their e-mail addresses at  jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 13,661 total cases
  • 73 new confirmed cases (4 more new cases from previous day)
  • 276 hospitalized with 72 in ICU
  • 1,002 deaths
  • 11,501 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • Toronto has recorded 1,000 deaths from COVID-19. Read more..
  • The City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit has received 200free tickets to gift to Black youth (17 – 35 years) with a high interest in technology to attend the Collision Conference, taking place virtually from June 23rd – June 25th2020.To register for a free ticket, you should have internet access, a phone for networking, as well as a screen. Please click here and fill out the survey.

Government of Ontario

  • The Government of Ontario is enhancing case and contact management to quickly test, trace and isolate cases of COVID-19 to stop the spread of the virus and prepare for any potential future waves through:
    • Ensuring that all new cases and their close contacts are identified early, contacted quickly, investigated thoroughly and are followed up daily for 14 days;
    • Supporting public health units with up to 1,700 additional staff from Statistics Canada;
    • Improving technology tools by modernizing the integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) through the implementation of a new custom-built COVID-19 case and contact management system; and,
    • Launching a privacy-first exposure notification app to alert Ontarians when they may have been exposed to COVID-19.
    • Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, announced $15 million to purchase thousands of classroom computers and $10 million to hire additional mental health workers. The $10 million investment will provide students with unprecedented direct access to regulated mental health professionals and significantly reduce wait times.

Government of Canada

  • Led by the Canadian Digital Service, with the help of Shopify, Blackberry and the Government of Ontario, a nationwide mobile app has been developed to notify users if they have been exposed to COVID-19. Testing for this app will start in Ontario. It will be available to Canadians in the coming weeks. This app is voluntary.
    • If a person tests positive with COVID-19, a healthcare professional will help them upload their status anonymously to a national network. Users who have the app and are in proximity with those who test positive will receive a notification that encourages them to reach out to a healthcare professional. Personal information will not be collected or shared and no location services will be used.
    • Canada has now exceeded over 100,000 COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 每日更新 – 2020618

今天,在多伦多,因COVID-19而逝世的总人数已超过一千人。 我向死者的亲人表示最深切的哀悼,并与您一起祝愿目前患上COVID-19的人们早日康复。

我提醒大家必须保持警惕及良好的卫生习惯。 COVID-19对我们仍然是一个大威胁。

除了强制要求在各车站和公共车辆上使用口罩外,多伦多公车局 (TTC) 致力承诺为乘客提供100万个口罩。 我再次鼓励乘客保持良好的卫生习惯,并在口罩派发开始后好好使用这些口罩。



市政府员工将在6月份的市政府会议提交有关市民是否必须在公众地方佩带口罩的报告。我在此希望收集各位本区居民的宝贵意见。请 点击这里发表您的意见。

请将此讯息传递给你的家人、邻居和朋友。如果各位希望收到我们的每日更新,请用电子邮件通知: jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 13,661宗累计确诊病例
  • 73宗新病例(较日前多4宗)
  • 276名患者需要入院,其中72人在重症监护病房留医
  • 累计1,002人死亡
  • 累计11,501人康复

更多详情请参阅 多伦多公共卫生部网页


  • 多伦多市今天录得因死于COVID-19的第一千个患病者. 更多详情请参阅: 点击这里
  • 多伦多市政府的应付针对黑人种族歧视部门获得200张 Collision Course 免费门票,并将会捐赠予对科技有兴趣的黑人青年(17至35 岁)。今年,Collision Course 将从2020年6月23日至2020年6月25日在网上举行。 有意注册提取免费门票的人士,必须拥有互联网,电话(以用于联网)以及屏幕。 请 点击这里填写表格。


  • 通过以下方式,省政府正在加强病例和联系人的跟踪调查,快速测试,追踪和隔离COVID-19患者。为阻止病毒传播并为未来的任何潜在浪潮做准备,省政府会:
    • 确保所有新病例及其密切联系者被及早查出,并迅速联系他们,进行彻底调查,和进行14天的随访;
    • 为各公共卫生部门提供总共多达1,700名加拿大统计局的额外员工;
    • 通过实施新的COVID-19案例和联系人管理系统,使综合公共卫生信息系统(iPHIS)现代化,从而改进技术工具;和,
    • 启动以尊重个人私隐为优先的电话应用程式,以便通知用户是否有跟COVID-19的患者曾经有接触。
    • 教育部长 Stephen Lecce 宣布斥资1500万加元购买数千台教室专用的电脑,并斥资1000万加元聘请额外的心理辅导员。这项1000万加元的投资将为学生提供前所未有的机会,讓他們可以有直接接触有专业资格的心理辅导专业人员的机会,并削减等候时间。


  • 在 Canadian Digital Service 的领导下,和Shopify,黑莓和安大略省政府的帮助下,联邦政府将会启动一个全国性的电话应用程式,以通知用户是否有与COVID-19的患者曾经有接触。 此应用程式将首先在安大略省进行测试,几周后在全国各地启动。 下载程式和个人资料的提供是志愿情况下进行和采取的。
    • 如果某人的COVID-19测试结果呈阳性,医疗人员将帮助患者用匿名方式将其状态传上一个全国性网络。 下载了该应用程式并且与测试结果为阳性的患者接近的用户会收到通知,政府鼓励他们与医疗人员联系。 患者个人信息将不会被收集或共享,也不会转介到任何其他服务。
    • 加拿大现在已有超过100,000例COVID-19病例