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June 2020 Update Agincourt Village Community Association

June 2020 Update

We welcome the opportunity to expand our ‘Bubble” during this COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time the following reminders will assist in keeping each of us healthy:

Wear a face covering when social distancing is a challenge.

Wash hands frequently.

Let’s Celebrate Canada Day!  Happy 153 years Canada!

Canadians have had to endure a lot this year.  Our Agincourt community has had to cancel many of our community events that allow us to get together.  We did not want to let this stop us from celebrating a day of which everyone is proud, so…we put our heads together (at a distance of course), made some calls and have created an event where we can come together as a community, and share our thoughts and our wishes. We can send out messages to others in our community and across the nation while remaining physically distant and safe.


The Plan…

A large bright red Canadian Maple Leaf is being built as we speak.  On June 20, 2020 it will be erected at the NW corner of Kennedy and Sheppard on the green space, very kindly provided by North American Development Group property owners.  Small kits will be delivered to all members who have paid their membership for 2020 which will contain a small sized wood banner and a couple of zip ties.  Why you ask?  Well, we would like everyone to get creative and decorate this banner any way you like using materials you have at home, but also include a positive message to your community and all other Canadians for Canada’s Birthday.  Once you have your banner ready, walk, cycle or drive and park in the lot at Agincourt Mall and attach your message to the Maple Leaf with the zip ties.  If you cannot attach your finished banner yourself someone from the AVCA executive team would be more than happy to do so on your behalf. Our hope is to see this Canadian symbol filled with inspiring messages for all to read and appreciate. Check your mailbox for a wooden banner and further details!

With everyone’s help and cooperation we can make this an AMAZING Agincourt feature for everyone to see.


Membership Has Advantages – 2020 AVCA Membership

As previously decided AVCA requests $20 per household per year. These monies pay for meeting room rentals, printing of flyers, business cards, signage, website host, and various expenses.  As AVCA is non-profit, should there be excess monies donations would be made to charitable organizations or spent on public spaces within our community. Cash or cheque payable to Agincourt Village Community Association can also be dropped off to President Rhoda Potter, 38 Agincourt Drive, Scarborough

M1S 1M3.  You will receive a membership card.

Be a Winner of a $50 Gift Certificate Donated by Sheppard East Village BIA

All paid memberships for 2020 have the opportunity to win in the next draw! Winnings must be spent in a shop or service on Sheppard Avenue between Midland Avenue to Markham Road. The draws will begin again in July 2020 as we support local businesses as they again open their doors.


Adopt-A-Station Challenge

As you are aware our Agincourt GO Station is being rebuilt. We were not able to facilitate our planned May Event and thus we challenged you – children and adults – to predict and draw or paint your idea of the New Agincourt GO Station. AVCA had one entry from Kate and Judy – a puzzle entitled “Commuter Chaos.” However, we welcome more creative images. Send a photo of your artistry to avcatoronto@gmail.com.




Humour to Lighten Our Hearts




AVCA Executive and AVCA Website

The AVCA Executive is working on behalf of our community as various changes, issues and impacts arise. Please check out our website at www.avcatoronto.ca. Please contact the Executive at avcatoronto@gmail.com.