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April 6, 2020 – be the first to be circulated

From: S
Sent: April-06-20 8:24 AM
To: Jim Karygiannis;
Subject: Re: COVID-19 Updates – April 5, 2020

Hi Hon. Karygiannis,

I just wanted to say thank you for sending all these emails with Covid updates in Toronto.  I’ve cc-ed my father here who will be returning to Toronto shortly and ask that he subscribe to your mailing list as well.

These emails were amongst what I saw to be the first to be circulated and to have such detailed and relevant information.  I subscribe to other federal, provincial and city emails and those came into my inbox several weeks after I had been receiving yours.   Some emails at the onset were just repeating general information we all already followed in the news.

Thank you for doing your job so well.  It is always at dire times that most recognize the value of those who do their job well and I hope you get recognized for that.