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March 18, 2016 – Beautiful Streets: How Community Groups in Ward 39 can get involved

Since 2004, residents have participated in City of Toronto programs such as neighbourhood clean-ups; plantings; and arts projects – all designed to revitalize our communities.

I am encouraging groups in Ward 39 to help create ‘Beautiful Streets’ projects in our community, as part of the Neighbourhood Improvement Program 2016.

A proposed project must meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum visibility & impact to the neighbourhood;
  • Simple in design and workload;
  • Organized group of volunteers to support and maintain the project over time;
  • Located on city-owned land adjacent to City streets;
  • Safe access; and,
  • At least one in-kind donation (contributions of volunteer services, materials, products, etc.) and one local partner or project steward or lead must be committed to the ongoing maintenance of the project.

The application must be submitted with:

  • A written description of the project and how it will improve the area and benefit the neighbourhood;
  • A sketch, drawing or plan showing the design and details of the proposed project;
  • Information about your volunteer or community group/organization and the contributions made by any partners; and,
  • 4 before and 4 after photos of the project site (electronic jpeg files are preferred – colour photos are acceptable).

I would like to hear your group’s idea(s) about how to beautify our city streets. Please call me at 416-392-1374 or email me at jim@karygiannis.net so we can discuss your prospective project.