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Sheppard Subway Petition

New study ranks Toronto world’s sixth worst commute

Toronto has the worst commute times in North America. The worst cities are – Rio De Janeiro; Bogota; Sao Paulo; Istanbul and Salvador, which were ranked Number 1 through Number 5, respectively.

We need to reverse this trend. In our area, that means we need to expand the Sheppard Subway. We have spent the last 40 years debating if we should build subways in Scarborough.

In 2002, the Don Mills Subway was opened. In the past 16 years, we have done nothing to expand the Sheppard Subway to Scarborough.

This is a total failure.

Unless we build subways and encourage people to get out of their cars and take public transit, we will be the laughing stock of the international community and we will have the worst commute time in the world.

At City Council, I have consistently advocated, and fought, for the extension of the Sheppard Subway in Scarborough.

I will continue doing so until it is built.

In the last four years, together, we have had a number of successes – we were able to block the Don Valley Toll and also make sure that foreign buyers paid a 15% tax on buying homes in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region.

I am asking you to join me again to persuade political leadership of Toronto, Ontario and Canada that the Sheppard Subway needs to be built now – not in a few years.

We the undersign sign hereby request from Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Ford and Mayor John Tory  to stop talking about how to fix the problem and begin fixing the problem by immediately building the Sheppard Subway.

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