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Guns have no place in our community

Dear Neighbour:

Ensuring that Scarborough-Agincourt, in particular, and the City of Toronto, in general, is a safe place for our families to live and play is a very important issue to me.

In the wake of the rash of gun violence, each of us must do whatever we can to put a stop to this violence.  On July 24, 2018, I introduced the following Motion at City Council calling on the federal government:

  1. to institute stronger measures to control the flow of guns across the Canada/USA border; and,
  2. to create gun repositories where all handguns and long guns will kept. The guns may be accessed by their legal owners for hunting and target shooting purposes.  The repositories should be developed in a public-private partnership.

Working with Police Station 42 to fight crime in our neighbourhood

The Motion passed unanimously at City Council.

The only people who should have ready access to guns of any kind are

  1. members of our police services;
  2. members of our armed forces; and.
  3. select members of security services.

I am asking you to lend your voice in support of my Motion, by signing the electronic petition below to the federal government to pass the necessary legislation to implement my Motion.

Thank you for your time and support on this very important issue.

Please fill in the ePetition below and have your say on Gun Repository. I can be reached by phone at 416 392 1374 or by email at jim@karygiannis.net

Please ask your family and friends also to fill in the ePetition   

Thank you in advance.



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