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East Gardiner Survey

Many of you have been following the debate over the future of the East Gardiner Expressway, a 1.7 km stretch of elevated highway east of Jarvis Street connecting the Don Valley Parkway to the West Gardiner and QEW. The decision, to be debated by Council on June 10, will have long-lasting implications for commuters and downtown residents and visitors.

Two options will be presented to Council, each having their own advantages and drawbacks:

  • The “remove” option would tear down the elevated structure, replacing it with an 8-lane boulevard at grade.
  • The “hybrid” option would effectively replace the existing structure, with fewer access points. The “remove” option will create more traffic difficulties. Traffic coming down the Don Valley Parkway will slow down from 90 km/hr to 50 km/hr. This will add more time to travel downtown, as well as, providing an opportunity for more accidents.
  • Another option which should be considered is a Tunnel (I will be submitting this recommendation)

Proponents of the “hybrid” plan argue that removal would lengthen already long commute times (by anywhere from 2 – 10 minutes per trip depending on the study). Local residents are already all too well aware of the impact of more gridlock.

Although I have my personal views as a Graduate in Industrial Engineering (B.A.Sc ) from U of T, who specialized in transportation, I would like to hear from you.

gardinerBecause this is a significant long-term City issue, I would like to know what YOU think of the two choices. Please let me know your preference by completing the form below.