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April 6,2020 – keeping us all informed during this crisis

From: S
Sent: April-06-20 6:23 AM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: 应对COVID-19 每日更新 – 2020年4月5日 – April 5, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates


I would like to thank you so much for keeping us all informed during this crisis! We are all less anxious when we know where we can get information and we know where we can inquire about our concerns. Your time & effort to do these newsletters is so appreciated by all who live in your riding!



April 6, 2020 – be the first to be circulated

From: S
Sent: April-06-20 8:24 AM
To: Jim Karygiannis;
Subject: Re: COVID-19 Updates – April 5, 2020

Hi Hon. Karygiannis,

I just wanted to say thank you for sending all these emails with Covid updates in Toronto.  I’ve cc-ed my father here who will be returning to Toronto shortly and ask that he subscribe to your mailing list as well.

These emails were amongst what I saw to be the first to be circulated and to have such detailed and relevant information.  I subscribe to other federal, provincial and city emails and those came into my inbox several weeks after I had been receiving yours.   Some emails at the onset were just repeating general information we all already followed in the news.

Thank you for doing your job so well.  It is always at dire times that most recognize the value of those who do their job well and I hope you get recognized for that.



April 3, 2020 – want to thank

—–Original Message—–
From: D and S K
Sent: April-03-20 12:02 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis;
Subject: Thanks


S and I want to thank you for pairing us up with C S to help with our shopping for necessities. We had a pleasant chat with him yesterday and plan to make use of his kind offer to help us.


D & S K

March 31, 2020 – accurate and relevant information regarding how Covid-19 is affecting my community

From: p
Sent: March-31-20 7:57 AM
To: jim@jimkarygiannis.net
Subject: Thank you


Hi Jim,


I look forward to your community newsletter every night which I rely on to give me accurate and relevant information regarding how Covid-19 is affecting my community. I just wanted to shoot you and your team a quick message that my family and I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping us all safe and healthy.


My faith in our government is strengthened through your dedication to all of us. Thank you so much.


Stay safe,


March 24, 2020 – your humanity

From: A
Sent: March-24-20 10:44 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: COVID-19 Updates – March 24, 2020


Jim, I’m one of the many thousands who receive your email and who you never hear from. So, for once, thank you for your engagement, your communications and your humanity. Like many others, I’m sure, I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,


March 24, 2020 – Just wanted to say Thank You

From: L
Sent: March-24-20 7:54 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: COVID-19 Updates – March 24, 2020


Dear Jim,

Just wanted to say Thank You for the Bulletins you are sending out and all the information you are providing to us all on a consistent and up to date basis.  We appreciate your keeping us informed every step of the way and have shared them with many appreciative people.  You are doing a great job and I hope other have expressed this to you.

Take special care of yourself and your loved ones and stay healthy…we need you right now!



March 20, 2020 – THANK YOU…..

From: C
Sent: March-20-20 10:03 AM
To: ‘Mayor Tory’
Cc: C; jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: RE: Residential Property Taxes – April 1 and May 1 installment Payment deferment – Just push the due date a little


Your announcements on property, Hydro and Water payment deferments, has had the desired effect my street with all my neighbours… They can now concentrate on social distancing and self-isolating…

I would also like to shout out to Jim Karygiannis for directing my initial inquiry to the right person.

To that end I have been acting as the street grocery run driver (I am the youngest on the street with a license and Costco membership), collecting needs and shopping on everyone’s behalf when necessary…

Example: I get a one Costco size Paper Towels pack and split it up with my neighbour… Reminding then to use gloves to take it out of the plastic wrap before using it.


We text and Skype each other to see that everyone is okay and arrange to take turns walking around the street (I coordinate behind the scenes)…

You and councillor, keep up the great work… And together we can win this WAR… WORLD WAR III – Us vs (COVID-19/Greedy People/Inconsiderate People)…





March 19, 2020 – I greatly appreciate your communications on COVID-19

From: T
Sent: March-19-20 8:51 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: COVID-19 Updates – March 19, 2020


I should let you that as a voter of your constituency, I greatly appreciate your

communications on COVID-19.  You are super active during these national

health crisis.  I am sure majority of your constituents share my feelings, though

some may not express in writing.