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June 11, 2018 – Thank you so much for your prompt reply

From: V
Sent: June-11-18 10:18 AM
Subject: tree removal


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.   The tree in question was cut back on Friday, June 8 and I appreciate your help in resolving this issue.    I’d also like to thank Jim Karygiannis for his assistance in getting our property cleaned up after the tree fell and for all the information he provided.   D, as discussed, please pass on our thanks to the crew.




June 3, 2018 – your determined effort to follow through

From: R
Sent: June-03-18 10:09 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: ……… Ravine clean up


Councillor Karygiannis,


I am pleased to inform you that lthe ravine adjacent to the ……. North

parking lot has been cleared of litter and trash. Thank you for referring my

concern to the TTC and for your determined effort to follow through on this



With appreciation for your help,


May 24, 2018 – sending ward report

From: t
Sent: May-24-18 1:11 AM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: Thank you


Thank you for sending ward report all these time, it helps a lot since my parent can not read English. Now they have a sense of what is going on in the community, and have a chance to join the activities,  thank you for your effort!

May 2, 2018 – We are always with you

From: F
Sent: May-01-18 9:58 PM
To: jim@jimkarygiannis.net
Subject: Re: Karygiannis to run in new Ward 43


Congratulations. We are always with you and  Many felicitations and will make sure you

Come with flying colours and be our councillor.

Also I will try my best with our friends  But I will have to learn my wards boundaries With

Best regards f

May 2, 2018 – We are very disappointed that we are loosing you


From: J
Sent: May-02-18 9:40 AM
To: jim@jimkarygiannis.net
Subject: Re: Karygiannis to run in new Ward 43


Hi Jim

I live on XXXXXX Crescent and understand that you will no longer be representing us due to the boundary change. We are very disappointed  that we are loosing you and would like to thank-you for all you have done. You’re the best!!



April 30, 2018 – Jim ,never had I seen response like this

From: C
Sent: April-30-18 10:54 AM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: Sinkhole on driveway

Hi ,Jim ,never had I seen response like this – After answering your call ,befofe I could take the picture of the sinkhole , the Aceon truck pulled up ,led by D… ,and started the repair . Thank you so ver y very much . Now I know why I voted for you all these years . I am going to sleep well tonight . I’ll tell the neighbours about the saga of the sinkhole. Gratefully , C.

April 26, 2018 – Jim, you have done great services to the Scarborough community

From: T
Sent: April-26-18 9:29 AM
To: Jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: XXX Crescent – Tree


Dear Jim Karygiannis,

My name is T..

Dear Jim, you have done great services to the Scarborough community as and MP over many years and now as the councillor to my ward 39. All the constituents are proud with your services. I have seen you at almost all the community functions and visiting the constituency area and the areas of ward#39 but didn’t have a chance/reason to talk to you in person. I hope we will meet soon



April 21, 2018 – Congratulatory Certificate Request

From: Q
Sent: April-21-18 10:40 PM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: FW: Congratulatory Certificate Request

Dear Councillor Karygiannis,

Thanks a million for delivering door-to-door the certificate to us.  It was truly a good pleasant surprise to find out when returning home this evening the certificate was already in our mail box.  We emailed you last night and we got it this evening!!  What an extraordinary service!!

April 16, 2018 – People’s response about snow plowing


Hello Mr. Karygiannis,

We saw you tonight on CP24 April 16th, you were the first to stand up and say how wrong Mayor Tory and the Transportation Dept  to NOT PLOW our city streets, because of some BS about catch basins may be blocked!!!!!!!

As you said this is a absolute smoke screen and made no sense what so ever.  As you say the city was paralyzed , people could not get out of there driveways, roads were treacherous, city sidewalks NOT CLEARED, bus routes hard to get too because of unploughed roads and walkways, seniors struggling , mothers with prams not able to able to get down a street…… How can this happen.  Thoughtless, inconsiderate