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July 6, 2019 – Our ward is in good hands, thank you again!

From: C
Sent: July-06-19 9:19 AM
To: jim

Hi Mr.Karygiannis,

Thank you for informing me of this!

I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time in making arrangements and resolving this situation! I really do appreciate it so much. Also, thank you for listening and understanding our concerns when this situation was initially brought up

Our ward is in good hands, thank you again!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Kind Regards,


Ap;ril 7, 2019 – I admire the work you have done for your constituents and the city over the years


From: W
Sent: April-07-19 11:44 AM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: Constituency Assistance – Email submission

I admire the work you have done for your constituents and the city over the years. Although I am of the riding on the other side,in the Willowdale area, I trust that you can get things done in an efficient manner. Thank you!

Best regards,




March 12, 2019 – the constituents of Scarborough/Agincourt could not desire a better representative

From: J
Sent: March-08-19 12:53 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: City of Toronto offers free and affordable March Break activities

Good Morning Mr. Karygiannis…And how are you this beautiful Friday morning ..thank you so much for this information..the constituents of Scarborough/Agincourt  could not desire a better representative…you are always on top of things…giving us the most up-to-date information..

I pray that God would continue to bless you and your family…

Have a pleasant weekend..whether the weather permits or not..enjoy it with your family…


As Always



February 28, 2019 – Really admire you from the bottom of my heart


From: Q
Sent: February-27-19 10:40 AM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: I Salute & Proud of You ,


Hon Jim Karygiannis Peace Be Upon You


I  am s resident of Scarborough since past 42 years Really admire you from the bottom of my heart What I saw you on Monday 25th Feb 2019 for the Closure Of The Scarborough Grace Hospital with so genuine feelings you had and taking this action not to be closed for Children and others was really Touchy seeing you In Tears. I one hundred percent agree not to be closed not everyone can understand until they go through or has genuine feelings with dignity and honor to fight what is right and what is wrong. Among all the Politicians MPP’s, MP’s City Councillor’s I find you very much dedicated towards other problems issues values right and wrong and help everyone since I have been here in Toronto for the Past 42 Years and since you have been with Federal and Municipal. Keep  UP  the Good Work. My Blessings are always for You. I could not wait to write this how I feel about You!


Stay Blessed

Thanking You

Sincerly Yours


January 19, 2019 – It is good to see that you are attempting to make good on your campaign promise. ” Keep our hospital as a full-service general hospital”.


From: d
Sent: January-19-19 12:29 AM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Re: Doctors call for Scarborough Grace Hospital (Birchmount Campus) to remain a Full-Service General Hospital


to Councillor Jim Karygiannis:


I hope you are well.  It is good to see that you are attempting to make good on your campaign promise.  ” Keep our hospital as a full-service general hospital”.  I remember that this is the #1 top priority campaign promise.  It is important for politicians to make prudent and astute campaign promises and make a best effort to deliver on the promises when election process is over.


kind regards,


September 19, 2018 – Dinner invitation

From: y
Sent: September-19-18 9:11 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: Dinner invitation

Hon. Jim Karygiannis,

I am a resident of Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt. As the new school year started, I have been looking around our community and felt really grateful for having you as our Councillor. Just to mention one thing among many. The new speed bumps and stop signs at our school site are playing an amazing role now. Thanks for all your efforts for our community.

August 7, 2018 – I commend you Mr. Karygiannis

From: S
Sent: August-07-18 12:13 PM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: I commend you Mr. Karygiannis


Hello Mr. Karygiannis,


I am sending you this email to commend you on your work as an advocate for the people in your riding I recently had to deal with the MPP and the MP’s office about….. I reached out to both offices and both office did not even truly try to advocate for me. They just regurgitated what the ….. people said, without really fighting on my behalf

The quality care and extreme advocacy work that you did on my behalf for …. was amazing. I will vote for you until the end as you have really shown me what a politician’s job truly is. The treatment that I am getting from both the MP and the MPP’s office is like night and day, compared to how hard you worked for me and …… I thank you so kindly and appreciate your efforts.