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Terror fears spark secret report that recommends metal detectors and glass walls at Toronto City Hall

EDGES OF TORONTO: Like poverty, our car insurance rates divide Toronto

EDGES OF TORONTO: Like poverty, our car insurance rates divide Toronto

Scarborough- MirrorNov 03, 2017  Mike Adler 

Mike Adler writes about how people see life in Toronto differently, depending on where they live. – Metroland

The Kanetix.ca map showing car insurance rates by neighbourhood is something every Torontonian should see.

It looks strikingly like maps showing Toronto’s highest concentrations of poverty.

1 in 4 Toronto ‘holistic centres’ offer erotic massages, auditor general says

Toronto permits 25 body rub parlours but has no cap for holistic centres

CBC News October 27, 2017 Nick Boisvert

Holistic centres are licensed to provide services such as natural medicine, homeopathy, reiki and shiatsu.

A new report from Toronto’s auditor general has found that more than a quarter of the city’s licensed holistic centres appear to be offering unauthorized services that may be sexual in nature.

How to Combat a Government-Controlled Cannabis Monopolu

How to Combat a Government-Controlled Cannabis Monopoly

Marijuana.com October 20, 2017 Jon Hiltz

In early September, Ontario was the first of the Canadian provinces to announce its plans for a marijuana retail framework. To the chagrin of the unlicensed cannabis community, the government decided that a provincially-controlled system would be the best option.

October 11, 2017 – 加東-士嘉堡大工程:愛靜閣商場計劃改建商住兩用綜合社區


Fairchild TV

隨著越來越多新移民,在交通快捷生活便利的士嘉堡定居,區內地價近幾年來也變得寸土寸金。關於將位於Sheppard 夾Kennedy附近的Agincourt Mall改建成融合柏文及社區中心的計劃,也進一步提上多倫多市議會的日程。這項改建工程將在Agincourt Mall建設十多棟商住兩用柏文,共計5000個單位。而位於Finch夾Warden的Bridlewood Mall未來也會有類似的改建規劃。

October 10, 2017 – 消防局嚴打非法分租屋 華裔業主被控多項罪名

消防局嚴打非法分租屋 華裔業主被控多項罪名
保障租客安全 兩年檢控38業主