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More than a dozen illegal cannabis stores still operating in Toronto, but closing them a ‘complex process’

January 7, 2019 CBC News Lauren Pelley
More than a dozen illegal cannabis shops are still operating in Toronto following a post-legalization crackdown, CBC Toronto has learned, but the city says it’s a “complex process” to shut them all down.Currently, city staff from the Municipal Licensing and Standards department are investigating 16 illegal storefronts in total.

Councillors share New Year’s resolutions for the city, from building housing to balancing budgets

Jim Karygiannis (Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt)

CBC News

His council resolution: Subway, subway, subway. My greatest resolution is that I need to work on the Sheppard subway extension from Don Mills out to McCowan.

Councillor Jim Karygiannis. (Paul Borkwood/CBC News)

It’s important to my constituents because of the development happening — there’s 60 to 70 towers coming along, a lot of them along Sheppard. When you have this great density intensification, you will need means of transportation.

His personal resolution: To spend more time with my granddaughter, Evelyn. If I get to see her for 10 to 15 minutes a day, I am in heaven.

Daily Bread food bank opens to meet north Scarborough ‘priority’ need

Victoria Park and Sheppard location builds on tenant effort

Scarborough-Mirror December 20, 2018 Mike Adler 

The last Toronto food bank to open in 2018 started with a woman handing out bread.

Indra Adjei saw plenty of people in her northwest Scarborough building who needed it — seniors, people who lost their jobs, people who couldn’t work.

Many of them felt isolated — and lots of times, when people from 80 or more families came for bread each Friday, it made Adjei’s day to see them smile.

Scarborough councillor says wards should be able to opt-out of having cannabis shops

Councillor Jim Karygiannis plans to introduce a motion on Thursday to allow wards within the City of Toronto to opt out of allowing cannabis retailers and medical marijuana dispensaries to open up shop.

Paramedic union sweet has councillor “gravely concerned” about shortage of ambulances

Coun. Jim Karygiannis speaks out after tweet on Nov. 25 said only 16 ambulances were available

The union representing Toronto paramedics tweeted on Nov. 25 that there were only 16 ambulances available to service the entire city. (CBC)

A Toronto city councillor is worried that there might be too few ambulances available to respond to critical calls in the city after paramedics sounded the alarm on Twitter last Sunday.

Coun. Karygiannis calls out potential rival over election flyer drop

Coun. Jim Karygiannis shows a flyer put out by Norm Kelly, his potential opponent in the upcoming election, that he says is out of bounds. – David Nickle/Metroland


The transition period between the 47-ward council that Torontonians thought they’d be voting for, and the 25-ward council that Premier Doug Ford is set to impose on the city has some councillors stepping on one another’s toes.


And at least one councillor, Ward 39 (Scarborough Agincourt) Coun. Jim Karygiannis is crying foul over a piece of literature that was apparently dropped by Ward 40 (Scarborough Agincourt) Coun. Norm Kelly in a neighbourhood that currently he is not registered to run in.

The literature, appropriately headlined WHOOPS!, is directed at residents in the Bridlewood neighbourhood that Kelly currently represents, telling them he will be running to represent them after all.

“Things have changed,” wrote Kelly in the letter, headlined Re-Elect Norm Kelly.

What things? It’s complicated.

Currently, candidates are registered to run in wards approved by council for a 47-ward council, which has different ward boundaries than the current 44-ward council.