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Rising concern over nightclub safety after 6 suspected overdoses in 1 night

Overdose deaths in Toronto have gone up by 73 per cent over the past decade

Apr 09, 2017 CBC News Lauren Pelley

Six suspected overdoses. Two nightclubs. One 24-year-old woman dead.

A deadly weekend night in Toronto’s club scene led police to urge public caution — and now, city councillors are calling for more action to protect clubgoers amid rising overdose deaths throughout the city.

上百间多市餐厅晚上变夜总会 周边市民崩溃

上百间多市餐厅晚上变夜总会 周边市民崩溃
星岛日 2017-03-17 本报记者

在多市经营酒吧或夜总会等夜场,须符合市府的严格管制标准,然而夜场需求大,或使部分有意经营夜场者图走“法律罅”,申请食肆牌照,方便日间经营食肆,深夜11时后“变身”夜总会,吸纳深宵顾客。市府牌照及标准委员会副主席的市议员詹嘉礼(Jim Karygiannis),动议监督人员撰写报告,讲解市府如何打击这类“偷鸡”经营夜场的食肆东主。

Foreign buyer tax is one alternative for Toronto to bring prices under control

Foreign buyer tax is one alternative for Toronto to bring prices under control

The foreign buyer tax initiated in Vancouver is becoming a pleasing idea for many and Councilor Jim Karygiannis on Thursday expressed his liking of the tax stating that he will be writing the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to implement the tax on foreign buyers in Toronto.

A Foreign Homebuyer Tax is Just One Option for Tackling Toronto’s Rising Home Prices

Councillor Jim Karygiannis thinks a foreign buyer tax could be a solution to Toronto’s rising housing prices.

Councillor Jim Karygiannis (Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt) has reiterated his support for taxing foreign homebuyers on properties they buy in the GTA. Karygiannis said Thursday he is sending a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne asking her to implement a five per cent foreign buyers tax.