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THE CITY: Sheppard LRT delay has this councillor thrilled

THE CITY: Sheppard LRT delay has this councillor thrilled

Scarborough-Mirror April 30, 2015 David Nickle

Jim Karygiannis, the new councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt Ward 39, had what to outsiders might seem a novel reaction to word that a major infrastructure improvement touching his ward was to be postponed, possibly indefinitely. He was, to use his own words, “ecstatic.”

City Hall reacts to Sheppard LRT delay

City Ha; reacts to Sheppard LRT delay

Toronto Sun 

TORONTO – Leaving the Sheppard LRT in limbo until at least 2021 sets the stage for another transit fight.

Councillor Jim Karygiannis said Tuesday that he’s “ecstatic” that construction of the LRT is being delayed until the Finch LRT is finished by 2021. He vowed to mobilize Scarborough residents to urge City Hall and Queen’s Park to finish the Sheppard subway instead of building the light-rail line.

Kensington Responds to City’s Rooming House Consultation

With a multi-neighbourhood consultation, the City hopes to develop an improved policy for often contentious rooming house issues.

Residents of the Kensington Market, Grange, and Harbord Village neighbourhoods shared their views about local rooming houses Monday night in the second of 14 neighbourhood consultation sessions the City has planned on the contentious issue between April 7 and May 7.

Patchwork rooming house rules need overhaul, say critics

Idea of broader look at Toronto taxi regulation shot down by council Add to …



The Globe and Mail 

Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong’s attempt to have the city take a broad look at taxi regulation was shot down by council on Thursday, leaving the controversial issue to advance piecemeal in the coming months.

The councillors leading the opposition to Mr. Minnan-Wong are members of a city hall committee that is trying to wash away some of the most bitterly debated changes of previous rounds of taxi reforms.