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August 7, 2018 – I commend you Mr. Karygiannis

From: S
Sent: August-07-18 12:13 PM
To: jim@karygiannis.net
Subject: I commend you Mr. Karygiannis


Hello Mr. Karygiannis,


I am sending you this email to commend you on your work as an advocate for the people in your riding I recently had to deal with the MPP and the MP’s office about….. I reached out to both offices and both office did not even truly try to advocate for me. They just regurgitated what the ….. people said, without really fighting on my behalf

The quality care and extreme advocacy work that you did on my behalf for …. was amazing. I will vote for you until the end as you have really shown me what a politician’s job truly is. The treatment that I am getting from both the MP and the MPP’s office is like night and day, compared to how hard you worked for me and …… I thank you so kindly and appreciate your efforts.




Ford’s plan to cut back number of Toronto councillors draws both their anger and praise

Some city councillors were quick to denounce idea, but others welcomed it

CBC News July 2, 2018 John Rieti

Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government is redrawing the City of Toronto’s ward boundaries and cutting the number of councillors from 47 to 25 ahead of the Oct. 22 election — drawing both anger and praise from various councillors.


Coun. Jim Karygiannis, who has previously called for municipal boundaries to be aligned with federal ones, was ecstatic about the move by Premier Ford. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC News)

July 27, 2018 – Karygiannis announces Candidacy in Scarborough-Agincourt in Municipal Elect

TORONTO – Today, Jim Karygiannis announced that he will register as a Candidate in the Scarborough-Agincourt Ward in the upcoming Municipal Election.

“I was the first Candidate to register for Ward 43 and I want to be the first Candidate to announce that I will register as a Candidate in the new Scarborough-Agincourt Ward.” said Mr. Karygiannis.  “I look forward to continuing to represent the people of Scarborough-Agincourt at City Hall.”

July 20, 2018 -Invasion of Cyprus – Eισβολή της Κύπρου

Today, I commemorate with you the tragic events and enduring consequences of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July 20 1974, that continues to this day. 

I extend my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who lost their lives during the summer of 1974 and hope that the pursuit of justice will help to honour their memories.