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June 12, 2018 – Russian National Day

I wish to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to members of the Canadian Russian community on the occasion of Russian National Day.  

This date memorializes the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia in 1990. As the move that established the nation’s authority and autonomy – as in, making it a separate entity from the USSR.

June 11, 2018 – Thank you so much for your prompt reply

From: V
Sent: June-11-18 10:18 AM
Subject: tree removal


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.   The tree in question was cut back on Friday, June 8 and I appreciate your help in resolving this issue.    I’d also like to thank Jim Karygiannis for his assistance in getting our property cleaned up after the tree fell and for all the information he provided.   D, as discussed, please pass on our thanks to the crew.




June 3, 2018 – your determined effort to follow through

From: R
Sent: June-03-18 10:09 PM
To: Jim Karygiannis
Subject: ……… Ravine clean up


Councillor Karygiannis,


I am pleased to inform you that lthe ravine adjacent to the ……. North

parking lot has been cleared of litter and trash. Thank you for referring my

concern to the TTC and for your determined effort to follow through on this



With appreciation for your help,