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Ward Report Fall 2019

Dear Constituent:

This fall, we are continuing the tradition and hosting a Seniors’ Information Session.

The Seniors’ Information Session is designed to help seniors and their families learn about the benefits and programs offered by the Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments, as well as community organizations. Representatives will be setting up booths where you can obtain information and ask questions about the services they provide; discuss issues of interest to you; and, express your concerns.

August 31, 2019 – September 2019 E-Newsletter

Dear Constituent:

Recently members of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments announced funding for infrastructure and transit projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

While I appreciate that all three levels of government are committed to improving public transit in Toronto, I have reservations about the decision to provide funding for SmartTrack, an ever-changing enigma of a transit project.

Illegal Dumping in Parks Flyer August 2019

Dear Constituent:

I have received many complaints that household garbage is being dumped in our public parks within our communities. The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 548 (Waste dumping prohibited) states that:

‘No person shall place, dump or deposit or permit to be placed, dumped or deposited any quantity of waste on any land, not including buildings, within

the City, including ponds, lakes and streams, except as required or permitted under Chapter 841, Waste Collection, Commercial Properties, and Chapter 844, Waste Collection, Residential Properties’

Copy of Flyer Illegal dumping in parks