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April 7, 2015 – 98th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

I would like to join all Canadians in commemorating the 98th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Easter Monday, April 9, 1917, marked the beginning of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, with all four divisions of the Canadian Corps, fighting together for the first time. The Commander of the 28th Battalion at Vimy, Brigadier-General Alexander Ross, said of the battle at the unveiling of the new Vimy Memorial in 1936, “It was Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific on parade. I thought then…that in those minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation”.

Idea of broader look at Toronto taxi regulation shot down by council Add to …



The Globe and Mail 

Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong’s attempt to have the city take a broad look at taxi regulation was shot down by council on Thursday, leaving the controversial issue to advance piecemeal in the coming months.

The councillors leading the opposition to Mr. Minnan-Wong are members of a city hall committee that is trying to wash away some of the most bitterly debated changes of previous rounds of taxi reforms.