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Undecided councillors firmly undecided on Gardiner

Undecided councillors firmly undecided on Gardiner

Toronto Sun Don Peat June 9, 2015

It’ll be a fight on the council floor Wednesday for the councillors who are still undecided on the Gardiner Expressway issue. A day before council begins debating the future of the east end of the elevated expressway, many of the undecided councillors were remaining firmly undecided.

LiUNA urges council to vote for this motion to be tabled by ward 39 Councilor Jim Karygiannis

Tomorrow, the City of Toronto will decide which vision of the eastern gardiner will prevail. Unlike other decisions, the future of every resident across the GTHA will be affected by this vote. Liuna (Labourers International Union of North America) and its 70,000 members across the GTHA urge council not to rush to a decision but rather consider all options.