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Illegal Dumping in Parks Flyer August 2019

Dear Constituent:

I have received many complaints that household garbage is being dumped in our public parks within our communities. The City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 548 (Waste dumping prohibited) states that:

‘No person shall place, dump or deposit or permit to be placed, dumped or deposited any quantity of waste on any land, not including buildings, within

the City, including ponds, lakes and streams, except as required or permitted under Chapter 841, Waste Collection, Commercial Properties, and Chapter 844, Waste Collection, Residential Properties’

Copy of Flyer Illegal dumping in parks


Rats Flyer August 2019

Dear Constituent:


It has recently been reported to my office that brown rats have been spotted in your neighbourhood. If you have noticed any rats or other rodents, please call my office.  We are working towards identifying the source of the problem and the area where rats are coming from.  If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at 416-321-2788 or by email at jim@karygiannis.net.


Copy of Flyer Rat flyer 2019