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September 23 2020 – COVID-19 Update – 2020年9月23日 ― COVID-19每日更新

September 23 2020 – COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 17,971 total cases
  • 129 new confirmed cases
  • 34 people hospitalized
  • 1,178 deaths
  • 15,526 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • Toronto Public Health is pleased to launch enhancements to the COVID-19 data dashboard. To view, please click here.
  • The City of Toronto is extending the cancellation of City-led and City-permitted outdoor major events to December 31.
    • This includes festivals and other large in-person gatherings held at outdoor sites managed by the City or other public locations, such as roads, parks and Civic Squares. Read more…

Government of Ontario

  • The Provincial Government is providing people access to free COVID-19 testing at pharmacies in Ontario. As of Friday, up to 60 pharmacies in Ontario will begin offering testing by appointment only, with further locations coming online in the coming weeks. Read more…
  • The Provincial Government is implementing the largest flu immunization campaign in Ontario’s history. The campaign is part of the province’s comprehensive plan to prepare the health system for a second wave of COVID-19. Read more…

Government of Canada

  • Canada has now committed more than $1 billion to buy doses of COVID-19 vaccines from five different companies. Most of the money will get refunded if the vaccines do not get approved. None of the companies involved have completed all of the required clinical trials yet or been approved for use in Canada yet.
  • Teresa Tam states Canada is at a crossroads in the fight against COVID-19. There has been a significant demographic shift since June, instead of the virus disproportionately affecting elderly Canadians, most infections are now being reported in those 20 – 39.


2020923  COVID-19每日更新



  • 累计确诊病例:17,971
  • 当日新增病例:129
  • 住院患者:34
  • 累计死亡:1,178
  • 累计康复:15,526




  • 多伦多公共卫生局推出COVID-19数据板增强功能。查看详情,请点击此处
  • 市府将继续取消由市府主办或审批的大型户外活动,直至12月31日。
  • 这包括在市府管理的户外地点或其他公共场所(例如道路、公园和市政广场)举行的节日庆祝活动和其他大型现场聚会。更多资讯



  • 省府在本省药房向民众免费提供COVID-19样本检测。由本周五开始,全省将有多达60家药房提供预约病毒检测。省府会在未来几周公布更多投入服务的药房。更多资讯
  • 省府正在实施本省历史上规模最大的流感疫苗接种计划。该计划是本省总体计划的一部分,以助医疗系统做好应对第二波疫情的准备。更多资讯



  • 联邦政府承诺投资超过10亿加元,用于从五家不同的疫苗开发商购买COVID-19疫苗。如果疫苗未得到批准,大部分资金可以退还。目前尚未有任何一家公司完成所有必需的临床试验,也未有公司获得批准在加拿大使用疫苗。
  • 谭咏诗医生(Dr. Teresa Tam)说,加拿大正处在抗疫的十字路口。自6月份以来,确诊患者的年龄分布发生很大变化。第一波疫情老年人感染率奇高,而现在大部分患者的年龄介于20岁到39岁之间。