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September 11, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – 2020年9月11日 ― COVID-19 每日更新

September 11, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 16,609 total cases
  • 74 new confirmed cases
  • 26 people hospitalized
  • 1,175 deaths
  • 14,888 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

Agincourt GO Station Access During Construction

Starting September 18, there will be a number of changes to access at Agincourt GO station:

  • A temporary south platform will be open and available for use. The north platform and north walkway will be closed for construction.
  • There will be no access to the Sheppard southwest stairs.
  • New entrances will safely lead to the new platform – one will be near the station building. Another farther south will give direct access to the platform from the parking lot.
  • Not all train doors will open at Agincourt. If unsure, please look at the station’s boarding infographic or ask a Customer Service Ambassador for assistance.
  • The new platform means a shorter walk from the bus loop and parking lot to where passengers board the train.
  • The north and south parking lots have been restored for use. Accessible parking will be temporarily relocated to the North parking lot.

Click this link here for more information about the project at Agincourt GO.

City of Toronto

  • The City of Toronto has announced plans to allow portable heaters to be placed in all outdoor patios, including CaféTO curb lane closures, to help keep outdoor dining spaces open longer. The guidelines for safe use developed by Toronto Fire Services has been made available to patio and café operators today, and operators must follow them closely.
  • The City is planning an online survey to gather input from both local restaurant operators about the CaféTO program and customers who have visited CaféTO locations. Input from the survey will help inform future decisions about the program. Read more…

Government of Ontario

o   This page will be updated every weekday with the most up-to-date COVID-19 information available, including a summary of cases in schools and licensed child care centres and agencies, whether a COVID-19 case is confirmed at your school and where the numbers come from.

  • The Government of Ontario is providing an additional $14.75 million to increase access to mental health and addictions services across Ontario.
  • The Government of Ontario is investing over $2.9 million to fund eight research projects that aim to support Ontario’s response to COVID-19. Projects will focus on areas such as supporting the mental health and well-being of families and children, assessing the long-term health effects of COVID-19, the development of an app to better manage the care of patients, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of wearing masks to block the virus.

Government of Canada

  • The Federal Government will provide the City of Toronto with $13.9 million in funding to operate voluntary self-isolation centres for people with COVID-19 who are unable to safely isolate at home.

o   The fund will cover the costs of operating a 140-bed, hotel-based facility for the next 12 months.

o   The initiative is meant to reduce in the spread of the virus within households, specifically for those who live with roommates or live in multi-generational homes.


2020911 ― COVID-19 每日更新


  • 累计确诊病例:16,609
  • 当日新增病例:74
  • 住院患者:26
  • 累计死亡:1,175
  • 累计康复:14,888




  • 开放临时南侧月台投入使用,北侧月台及北侧通道将因施工而关闭。
  • Sheppard街西南侧的楼梯将停止使用。
  • 新入口可以安全通往新月台―一个入口在车站大楼附近,而更南边的另一个入口可以从停车场直接进入月台。
  • 在爱静阁站,部分火车车门会关闭。如不确定应从哪个车门上车,请查看车站的登车信息图,或向客户服务求助。
  • 改建新月台,将缩短从公交环路和停车场到月台的路程。
  • 南北停车场均已恢复使用。残疾人停车位暂时被安排在北侧停车场。

如欲获取更多有关爱静阁 GO火车站改建项目的讯息,请单击此处链接


  • 市府宣布允许在所有室外露台(包括在CaféTO计划封路地段)使用流动性暖炉,帮助延长开放户外用餐空间。今天,多伦多消防局为室外露台和茶座的经营者提供了安全使用指南,经营者须严格遵守。
  • 市府正在计划进行一项在线调查,征求本市餐馆经营者和顾客对CaféTO计划的意见。调查结果将有助于对该计划的未来决策。更多讯息


o   该网页将在每个工作日发布COVID-19最新数据,内容包括学校和托儿中心及机构的病例状况。民众可以借此了解校内是否有确诊病例及资讯来源。

  • 省府将额外拨款1,475万加元,以增加全省省民获得心理健康和戒瘾服务的机会。
  • 省府投资290万加元,资助为安省应对COVID-19疫情提供支持的八个研究项目。项目将集中在诸如支持家庭和儿童的心理健康和福祉、评估COVID-19对健康的长期影响、开发更好管理患者护理的应用程序、以及评估佩戴口罩的防疫功效等方面。


  • 联邦政府将向多伦多市提供1,390万加元的资金,为那些无法安全进行居家隔离的人士提供自愿隔离中心。

o   该资金将支付未来12个月运营酒店内140张床位的费用。

o   该计划旨在遏制病毒在家庭成员间的传播,特别是针对室友同居或数世同堂的情形。