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September 10, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – 2020年9月10日 ― COVID-19 每日更新

September 10, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 16,477 total cases
  • 58 new confirmed cases
  • 26 people hospitalized
  • 1,176 deaths
  • 14,794 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

Theft Attempts on Cars Parked on Driveways

My office has received notice of recent attempted thefts on cars parked on driveways at night. Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicles. Under no circumstances should your vehicles be left unattended and unlocked. To ensure the safety of your vehicle, park in the garage and keep garage doors locked. If possible, bolster your home security with external cameras.

City of Toronto

  • As Toronto prepares for a resurgence of COVID-19 this fall and winter, City Manager Chris Murray today announced that Chief Pegg will resume his role as Toronto’s COVID-19 Incident Commander on a full-time basis. Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessop will be acting Fire Chief.
  • Today, the City of Toronto has launched a new online registration system for short-term rental operators who rent their homes on a short-term basis for a period of less than 28 consecutive days.

o   Short-term rental operators must register with the City in order to operate in Toronto. Operators are only allowed to rent their principal residence on a short-term basis. A principal residence is the residence where they live and the address used for bills, identification, taxes and insurance. Registration for short-term rentals must be completed online by clicking here.

  • The City of Toronto will hold its first 2020 Community Environment Day event this Sunday, September 13 at Disco Drop-Off Depot located at 120 Disco Road from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

o   Additional Environment Days will be held at the City’s Drop-off Depots on Sundays throughout September and October. More information including the full event schedule is available at toronto.ca/environment_days.


2020910  COVID-19 每日更新



  • 16,477宗累计确诊病例
  • 58宗当日新增病例
  • 住院患者26人
  • 累计死亡1,176人
  • 累计康复14,794人






  • 市府正为今年秋冬可能爆发的COVID-19第二波疫情做好准备。市政经理Chris Murray今天宣布,Pegg队长将恢复其多伦多COVID-19应急管理全职总指挥一职。副消防队长Jim Jessop将出任代理消防队长。
  • 今天,市府为租期少于连续28天房屋出租的经营者推出新的线上注册登记系统。
    • 短租经营者必须向市府登记,才能在多伦多出租住房。用于短期租赁的物业,必须是经营者的主要住所。主要住所是指房东本人居住的住所,其地址用于支付账单、身份证明、税收和保险。短租经营者必须通过这个网站在线注册。
  • 市府将于9月13日(本星期日)上午9时至下午1时在位于120 Disco路的Disco废品回收站举办2020年首个社区环保日。
    • 在9月和10月的星期日,市府将在市内的回收站接连举办社区环保日。如需获得更多讯息,包括完整的活动日程,请浏览ca/environment_days 网站。