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June 11, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates – June 11 2020

Today, I had the pleasure of delivering donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to North American Muslim Foundation and Islamic Society of Willowdale in advance of religious institutions opening on June 12, 2020 Read more...

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COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto 

  • 13,063 total cases
  • 114 new confirmed cases (7 fewer new cases from yesterday)
  • 306 hospitalized with 72 in ICU
  • 965 deaths
  • 10,558 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • On Wednesday, June 17th, the TTC Board will be entertaining a Motion requiring customers to wear face masks beginning July 2th.
  • The Federal and Provincial Governments are jointly investing $57 million investment to help small businesses across Ontario go digital by building on Toronto’s investments into Digital Main Street and ShopHERE powered by Google. Read more…

Government of Ontario

  • The gradual resumption of visits to long-term care homes, retirement homes and other residential care settings will begin June 18, 2020.
    • Other residential care settings include homes serving people with developmental disabilities, shelters for survivors of gender-based violence, and children’s residential settings
    • Long-term care homes will allow outdoor visits of one person per resident each week at a minimum.
    • Retirement homes will resume indoor and outdoor visits in designated areas or resident suites when physical distancing can be maintained.
    • Other residential care settings will be able to allow outdoor visits of two people at time. Physical distancing will be required for all visits.
    • Visitors will be subject to strict health and safety protocols, including active screening every visit, confirming with staff that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the past two weeks, and complying with the infection prevention and control measures. This includes bringing and wearing a face covering during visits.
    • Long-term care and retirement homes, as well as other residential care settings must meet the following conditions before they welcome visitors:
      • Homes must not be in outbreak;
      • Homes must have an established process for communicating visitor protocol and the associated safety procedures; and,
      • Homes must maintain the highest infection prevention and control standards.
      • For retirement homes, visitor admissions will vary from home to home depending upon their individual circumstances.

Government of Canada

  • The Post Promise program calls on businesses to commit to 5 key public health measures. These measures include: maintaining physical distancing, staying home if one feels unwell, practicing respiratory etiquette, maintaining a clean workspace and hand washing. All business owners can commit at postpromise.com .
  • The Federal Government today announced $133 million in funding for Indigenous businesses. $117 million will help small and community-owned Indigenous businesses and $16 million will support Indigenous businesses in the tourism sector.


COVID-19每日更新 – 2020611

因为宗教埸所在明天6月12日重新开放的缘故,我在今天向North American Muslim Foundation 和 Islamic Society of Williowdale 运送达了个人防护装备。更多详情请阅: 点击这里

请将此讯息传递给你的家人、邻居和朋友。如果各位希望收到我们的每日更新,请用电子邮件通知: jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 13,063宗累计确诊病例
  • 114宗新病例(较日前少7宗)
  • 306名患者需要入院,其中72人在重症监护病房留医
  • 累计965人死亡
  • 累计10,558人康复

更多详情请参阅 多伦多公共卫生部网页


  • 在6月17日(星期三),TTC董事会将审议有关要求乘客从7月2日开始佩戴口罩的动议。
  • 联邦政府和省政府同时投资了共5700万加元在 Digital Main Street 和 Google 提供的ShopHERE上,以协助省内的小型企业为业务数码化。更多详情请阅: 点击这里


  • 从6月18日起,省内的长期护理院、护老院和其他护理院舍将可重新接受探访。
    • 其他院舍包括为残障人士提供服务的房舍、为性暴力幸存者提供的庇护所以及儿童院舍。
    • 长期护理院将允许每位居民至少每周一次的探访时间。
    • 护老院将允许居民在指定的室外和室内空间里接受探访。最多两位亲友可同时探访,但所有探访人士必须保持身体距离。
    • 其他院舍将允许居民在室外空间接受两位亲友的同时探访。所有探访人士必须保持身体距离。
    • 访客须严格遵守健康和安全措施,其中包括在每次探访前接受筛查,与被工作人员确认过去两周内他们对COVID-19的检测结果均为阴性,并遵守包括在探访其间带上口罩等的感染防控措施。
    • 长期护理和护老院必须满足以下条件方能接受探访:
      • 院舍没有受感染
      • 院舍必须建立一个流程以向访客传达有关探访细则和安全程序及措施
      • 院舍必须维持最高的感染防控标准
  • 护老院接受探访的准则将因会因为个别院舍的实际情况而有所不同


  • “The Post Promise” 计划鼓励企业实施5项公共卫生措施。这些措施包括:保持身体距离、员工在感到不适时留在家中、实践呼吸礼节、保持工作场所清洁和勤洗手。所有企业均可以在postpromise.com上注册。
  • 联邦政府今天宣布将为原住民企业提供1.33亿加元的资金,其中1.17亿加元将用来帮助小型和社区拥有的原住民企业,另外1600万加元将用于支援原住民旅游业。