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May 23, 2020 – My Unforgettable Graduation Trip

My Unforgettable Graduation Trip

When the pandemic struck, I didn’t realize how much I would miss out on my grade-eight year. Soon, however, I began worrying about all the experiences I would miss as a 13-year-old: my friends, my annual school concert, my grade eight dance night, my graduation ceremony, and my graduation trip to Ottawa. Little did I know, my teachers were planning a surprise for us.

On April 28, at 8:30 am, I woke up to another day of my school’s virtual learning. When we just began, my teacher announced: “Please meet us at 10:00 am with a suitcase packed for our four-day graduation trip. We will cruise on a Lamborghini to the nation’s capital.” 

Trip? Lamborghini? My school could never afford to take a two-person sports car for 60 students to Ottawa. This was all virtual, of course. After taking a three-minute YouTube trip through bridges and tunnels, we arrived at Parliament Hill. At this moment, my teacher pulled up a picture of the grand parliament building on the TV screen behind her.

The first stop: the Canadian War Museum. My teachers led us through the museum, room by room. At 12:00 pm, my stomach was howling. I was just about to head to the kitchen to join my family for lunch when my teacher made another announcement: “A reminder that we will be treating ourselves at Dunn’s Famous for a “self-serve buffet”. Use code: lunchconnection to join the Google Meet. Remember, after lunch, you will be asked in groups to come up with a slogan for this Ottawa trip.” 

I couldn’t believe how quickly night had come. I planned to finish up some homework on my own, but my teachers told us we were going bowling! Bowling? How? Soon, my questions were answered, and a link to a bowling video game showed up on my screen. My friends and I played and played until we reached a perfect score of 300, then I journeyed back to my hotel (my bed) and waited eagerly for another fun day.

Three more fantastic days of Ottawa passed. I was so thankful for the time, energy, and work that my teachers put into this fun and educational virtual trip. How could we give them a special thank you? Luckily, International Teacher Appreciation Day was coming up on May 5, so I decided to propose my idea on the grade eight Instagram group chat. Two days later, we created a beautiful message by having everyone taking a photo of themselves holding their one-word poster, and we collaged them together. Even though there was a huge blockade that prevented the grade eights from going on their graduation trip, this did not stop the teachers from making 2020 any less special for the students.