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May 20 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – COVID-19每日更新 – 2020年5月20日

COVID-19 Updates – May 20 2020

Yesterday, I had the privilege of delivering an additional 5,000 masks to . Mr. Dave Mitchell, President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 79.

The men and women of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 79 are those employees who work teaching children at City Child Care Centres; caring for the sick and elderly in long-term care homes; and, ensuring that building codes and safety standards are enforced.  they are continuing to work for us during the COVID-10 crisis.

Wearing Masks

Today, the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments made the recommendation that face coverings or masks to be worn in settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Toronto Public Health has stated that wearing a face mask or covering could help protect others from your germs in spaces such as elevators, grocery and retail stores, on public transit and in a taxi or ride share service where physical distancing may be a challenge.

Face masks and coverings should:

  • allow for easy breathing
  • fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops
  • maintain shape after washing and drying
  • include at least two layers of tightly woven cotton or linen and
  • cover the nose and mouth without gaping.

Masks should not be shared with others. Cloth masks should be washed after each use in a hot cycle and non-reusable masks should be discarded after use.

Not everyone should wear a mask. This includes children under the age of two, anyone who has a medical condition that makes wearing a mask difficult, or those who cannot remove a mask without assistance.

Medical masks, including N-95 masks, should not be worn by the general public. These masks are for the use of healthcare and frontline workers.

For more information, please click here…

Please take a moment to pass along this message to your family, neighbours and friends. If you would like to sign someone up for our e-mailing list, please send me their e-mail addresses at  jim@karygiannis.net  .


COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 9,129 total cases
  • 263 new cases since May 18
  • 413 hospitalized with 92 in ICU
  • 716 deaths
  • 6,735 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • The City will open more than 850 park amenities this week.
    • 5 BMX locations, 14 skateboard parks and 4 disc golf locations are opening today.
    • Many parks’ parking lots will also reopen this week at parks across the city.
    • Park amenities scheduled to open in time for this upcoming weekend include:
      • picnic shelters;
      • more than 300 soccer and multi-use outdoor fields;
      • more than 300 baseball diamonds; and,
      • 150 basketball courts
  • Park amenities that continue to be closed include:
    • Playgrounds;
    • outdoor exercise equipment;
    • swimming pools and splash pads;
    • Greenhouses;
    • nurseries and conservatories;
    • High Park Zoo, and;
    • Riverdale Farm.
  • 600 tennis courts at 185 locations will begin to open this coming weekend.
  • Permits for soccer, multi-use fields and baseball diamonds continue to be cancelled until June 29.
  • Individuals may use outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields for non-team sports and low contact racquet sports.
  • Individuals are not permitted to play team sports, such as soccer or baseball unless they are members of the same household.
  • Waterfront parking lots will remain closed for the time being.
  • High Park will continue to be closed to traffic on the weekends.
  • City Staff is working with Toronto Public Health to open lawn bowling facilities and outdoor bocce.
    • The City of Toronto will expand its ActiveTO road closures footprint this weekend to provide residents with more space to physically distance while outdoors and getting exercise. Vehicle access on parts of more major roads will be closed for walking, running and biking this Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please click here.
  • The Toronto Zoo will open for a drive-through experience starting Saturday. Visitors can tour around the Zoo from the comfort of their car for a 45-minute safari adventure starting May 23. Tickets will be on sale starting May 22 and must be purchased in advance. For more information, please visit torontozoo.com/scenicsafari

Government of Ontario

  • To assist provincial transit agencies in protecting transit staff and riders, the Ministry of Health is recommending the following measures be put in place:
    • Physical distancing of at least two metres by admitting fewer passengers and using physical markers between seats;
    • The use of face coverings, particularly when physical distancing is not feasible;
    • Ensuring the availability of alcohol-based hand rub upon entering and exiting the vehicle;
    • Implementing engineering controls like plexiglass windows between drivers and passengers; and
    • Enhanced cleaning, particularly of high-touch surfaces.

Government of Canada

  • The new Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program is a forgivable loan program for landlords. This program is meant to reduce rent by 75% for small businesses affected by the pandemic. Federal and Provincial governments will cover 50% of rent, while landlords absorb 25% and tenants will pay the remaining 25%.
  • All of the details regarding this loan are available on CHMC.ca and applications open May 25th.
  • Applications for bridge loans for big Canadian businesses have opened today. The program is meant to help large corporations experiencing “extreme stress” survive the economic shutdown due to COVID-19.
  • A requirement of this bridge loan is that each company that borrows money must provide the government with an ownership stake or cash equivalent of 15% of the principal amount. No portion of this loan is forgivable.

COVID-19每日更新 – 2020520

昨天,我有幸在今天向加拿大公共僱员工会Local 79的主席 Dave Mitchell 再次提供5000个口罩。

Local 79 工会的一直为我们的社区服务。它的成员肩负著营运市内托儿所、照顾病人和护理院内长者以及执行建築和安全规例等工作。他们在COVID-19疫情期间每天都不辞劳苦地服务著我们。





  • 能够畅通呼吸
  • 有头索和耳圈可以把口罩固定在头部上
  • 洗涤和干燥后不会变形
  • 包括至少两层紧密编织的棉或亚麻布
  • 没有裂口以及完全遮住口鼻



一般市民不应佩戴医用口罩,包括N-95口罩。 这些口罩是供医护和前线工作人员使用的。

更多详情请浏览: 点击这里

请将此讯息传递给你的家人、邻居和朋友。如果各位希望收到我们的每日更新,请用电子邮件通知: jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 9,129宗累计确诊病例
  • 自5月18日起共有263宗新病例
  • 413名患者需要入院,其中92人在重症监护病房留医
  • 累计716人死亡
  • 累计6,735人康复

更多详情请参阅 多伦多公共卫生部网页


  • 市政府将重新开放850多个公园设施。
  • 5个BMX埸地、14个滑板公园和4个飞盘高尔夫场已在今天重开。
  • 许多本市公园的停车场也将于本周重新开放。
  • 计划在本周末前开放的公园设施包括:
    • 野餐亭
    • 300多个足球场和多用途户外场地
    • 300多个棒球埸
    • 150个篮球场
  • 游乐场
  • 户外运动器材
  • 游泳池和浅水池
  • 温室
  • 苗圃和暖房
  • High Park 动物园
  • Riverdale 农场
  • 多伦多动物园将于周六开放,并向参观人士提供从车上观看的体验。从5月23日开始,游客可以乘坐汽车舒适地游览动物园,体验45分钟的野生动物观赏。门票将于5月22日开始发售,游客必须提前购买门票。更多详情请浏览: torontozoo.com/scenicsafari
  • 继续关闭的公园设施包括
  • 在185个地点的600个网球场将在本周末起重新开放。
  • 6月29日前的足球,多用途场地和棒球埸的使用许可证将维持取消状态。
  • 市民可于户外运动设施和多用途场地进行非团队运动和低接触的球拍类运动。
  • 除非是同一个家庭的成员,否则市民不得参加如足球或棒球等的团队运动。
  • 海滨停车场将暂时关闭。
  • High Park 继续禁止车辆在周末进入。
  • 市政府工作人员正在与多伦多公共卫生部合作,计划重新开放草地保龄球和室外滚球设施。
  • 多伦多市在本周末将扩大 ActiveTO 封路范围,为居民提供更多空间,以确保在进行户外运动时能够保持社交距离。车辆将在本周六和周日禁止进入部份主要街道,把场地改作步行,跑步和骑自行车用途。更多详情请浏览: 点击这里


  • 为协助省级公共交通机构保护员工和乘客,卫生部作出了以下建议:
    • 每辆交通公具容许更少的乘客乘搭和在座椅之间加上标记,从而达到至少两米隔离空间。
    • 在不能保持社交距离的情况下佩戴口罩。
    • 确保在车辆出入口有足够洗手液。
    • 在驾驶员和乘客之间加设玻璃窗或者其他防护。
    • 增加清洁密度,特别是接触频率高的表面空间的清洁。


  • 新的加拿大紧急商业租金援助计划是专为业主而设的可宽免贷款计划。该计划旨在为受到疫情影响的小型企业减少75%的租金。 联邦和省政府将支付50%的租金,业主需要宽免25%的租金,而租客则支付其余的25%。
  • 更多有关详情请浏览CHMC.ca, 5月25日开始接受申请。
  • 加拿大大型企业的过渡贷款申请已在今天开始。 该计划旨在帮助遭承受“极大压力”的大企业渡过因COVID-19疫情造成的经济停顿。
  • 过渡性贷款的要求是,每家借款公司必须向政府提供相当于本金15%的现金或拥有权。这笔贷款的任何部分均是不可宽免的。