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May 19, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – COVID-19每日更新 – 2020年5月19日

COVID-19 Updates – May 19, 2020

Today is the first day of easing retail restrictions by the Province. While I know that many are eager to go back to work, visit stores and resume recreation activities, I encourage you to be cautious and take measures to protect yourself and others. When around and about please exercise social distancing and wear a face mask.  Being careful now will help us reduce the spread and support the reopening of the City.

Beware of Home Invasions!

During this difficult time, I have been receiving reports of attempted home invasions. Please stay vigilant and ensure that your property is secure both when you are on and off-premises. Camera surveillance for your property is strongly recommended.

Tendercare PPE Donation

Yesterday, I was able to distribute over 4,500 free face masks to Tendercare Personal Support Workers (PSWs). Every PSW received 50 free donated masks Personal Support Workers are on the front line caring for our loved ones and those who are least able to care for themselves during the COVID-19 crisis.

I want to thank Bridlewood Mall for their kind donation of masks.  Their generosity is helping keep the people of Scarborough-Agincourt safe and healthy. Read more..

Agincourt Village Community Association Updates

Making connections and helping others is what our Agincourt Village Community does best. Your AVCA Executive hopes this check-in finds you and your family in good health. Click here to read more

To keep updated on the going-ons in Ward 22 during the COVID-19 emergency, please continue to check the COVID-19 Community Corner at: http://karygiannis.net/wp/category/covid-19-community-corner/

Please take a moment to pass along this message to your family, neighbours and friends. If you would like to sign someone up for our e-mailing list, please send me their e-mail addresses at  jim@karygiannis.net  .

COVID-19 cases reported in Toronto

  • 8,866 total cases
  • 263 new cases since May 17
  • 416 hospitalized with 90 in ICU
  • 690 deaths
  • 6,616 recovered

Full details from Toronto Public Health

City of Toronto

  • Drop-off Depots (Transfer Stations) are now partially reopening. Read more…
  • Starting on Tuesday, May 19, at 6:00 PM:
    • Bermondsey and Ingram Drop-off Depots will open to the public on weeknights for drop-off of recycling, garbage, and yard waste.
    • The Bermondsey, Ingram and Scarborough (not to be confused with the Victoria Park/McNicoll Depot) Drop-off Depots will be open on Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM for drop-off of recycling, garbage, and yard waste and household hazardous waste.
    • Compost pickup will not be available at any Drop-off Depot and all other Drop-off Depots remain closed to the public.
  • Off-Leash Dog Areas have re-opened today. While visiting a park, people must continue to practice physical distancing. Read more…
  • The Toronto Zoo will open for a drive-through experience starting Saturday. Visitors can tour around the Zoo from the comfort of their car for a 45-minute safari adventure starting May 23. Tickets will be on sale starting May 22 and must be purchased in advance. For more information, please visit torontozoo.com/scenicsafari

Government of Ontario

  • All emergency orders have been extended until May 29, 2020.
  • All public schools will be closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. All students who were on track to graduate from secondary school before the initial school closure order will be able to graduate and all students will receive report cards.
  • Private schools, licensed child care centres and EarlyON programs will also remain closed for the safety and protection of children, families and staff.
  • Overnight camps will not be permitted to operate in the summer of 2020.
  • If trends in key public health indicators continue to improve, summer day camps, both indoor and outdoor, may be permitted in July and August of this year with strict guidelines in place.
  • Today, Ontario officially enters the first phase of re-opening. The government is currently permitting the reopening of some outdoor recreational amenities, including outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields, off-leash dog areas, and outdoor picnic sites, benches and shelters in parks and recreational areas.
  • Update #4: Ontario Health COVID-19 Response The Ontario Government, with Ontario Health and a multi-disciplinary committee of experts, has developed a framework outlining a measured approach to plan for gradually resuming scheduled hospital-based care for patients whose treatments have been postponed during the outbreak. Read more…

Government of Canada

  • Canada and the United States have agreed to extend the border closure to at least June 21st
  • The Canada Emergency Business Account eligibility criteria has been expanded to:
    • Sole owner-operator businesses
    • Businesses that rely on contractors
    • Family owned businesses that pay employees through dividends


COVID-19每日更新 – 2020519

今天是省政府放宽零售限制的第一天。  虽然许多人都渴望能够返回工作岗位,光顾商店和恢复娱乐活动,但我建议各位继续保持谨慎和采取保护自己和他人的措施。 因此请继续保持社交距离和戴上口罩,以协助我们都市的重启计划。




我昨天向恒福护理员的个人护理员 (PSW) 免费分发了4,500多个口罩。 每位PSW均得到50个口罩的捐赠。个人护理员在疫情期间一直在前线照顾著院舍的长者和在COVID-19疫情期间最无法照顾自己的人。

我借此感谢Bridlewood Mall为我们捐赠口罩。他们的慷慨捐赠保障了我们区一众居民的安全和健康。更多详情请阅: 点击这里

Agincourt Village 社区协会更新

与居民建立良好关系及协助他人是Agincourt Village社区最 擅长的领域。您的AVCA主管希望借此问候您和家人,希望他们身体健康。 更多详情请阅:

如要得到更多有关今天的图片和我们社区在COVID-19紧急状态下的最新消息,请于以下网页浏览我的COVID-19公告栏: http://karygiannis.net/wp/category/covid-19-community-corner/

请将此讯息传递给你的家人、邻居和朋友。如果各位希望收到我们的每日更新,请用电子邮件通知: jim@karygiannis.net

COVID-19 多伦多市累计个案

  • 8,866宗累计确诊病例
  • 自5月17日起263宗新病例
  • 416名患者需要入院,其中90人在重症监护病房留医
  • 累计690人死亡
  • 累计6,616人康复

更多详情请参阅 多伦多公共卫生部网页


  • 卸货站(转运站)现正局部重新开放。
  • 从5月19日(星期二)下午6:00开始:
    • Bermondsey和Ingram卸货站将在工作日向公众开放以收集回收物,垃圾和庭院废物。
    • Bermondsey,Ingram 和 Scarborough(请勿与Victoria Park / McNicoll Depot混淆)卸货站将于周六早上7:00至中午12:30开放以收集回收物,垃圾、庭院废物和危险品。
    • 堆肥领取服务将在所有卸货站维持关闭。另外,其他市内卸货站仍然关闭。
  • 无狗带放狗区域在今天重新开放。市民在逛公园时请继续保持社交距离。更多详情请阅: 点击这里
  • 多伦多动物园将于周六开放,并向参观人士提供从车上观看动物的体验。从5月23日开始,游客可以乘坐汽车舒适地游览动物园,体验45分钟的野生动物观赏。门票将于5月22日开始发售,游客必须提前购买门票。更多详情请浏览: http://www.torontozoo.com/scenicsafari


  • 所有紧急法令已延长至2020年5月29日。
  • 所有公立学校在剩余的2019-2020学年里将维持关闭。预期能满足毕业要求的中学生能维持在应届毕业。所有学生均能够获得本学年的成绩单。
  • 私立学校,有许可证的幼儿中心和EarlyON计划也将维持关闭,以保障儿童,家庭和工作人员的安全。
  • 夜间营地将在2020年夏季维持关闭。
  • 如果关键的公共卫生指标趋势持续改善,夏季夏令营将可以在遵循严格的指引下在今年7月和8月允许在室内和室外进行。
  • 今天是本省实施重新开放第一阶段的第一天。政府目前允许一些户外休闲设施,包括户外运动设施和多用途场地,无狗区以及户外野餐场所,公园和休闲区的长凳和休憩区域的重新开放。
  • 更新#4:安大略省卫生部COVID-19应对措施:安大略省的与卫生部代表省政府和一个跨学科的专家委员会共同制定了一个框架,概述了一项计划,并列出以逐步恢复因疫情而需要延迟在医院为患者治疗的慎重而合适的方案。更多详情请阅: http://karygiannis.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Update-4_Ontario-Health-COVID-19-Response_16May20.pdf


  • 加拿大和美国已同意将边境关闭措施至少延长至6月21日。
  • 加拿大紧急企业帐户的合格企业的标准已扩展至:
    • 独资经营企业
    • 依赖承包商的企业
    • 运用股息向员工付款的家族企业