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March 30 2020 – COVID-19 Updates — 应对COVID-19每日更新 ─ 2020 年 3 月 30日

COVID-19 Updates – March 30 2020


Last week, I called for donations of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to our frontline workers. I want to thank the community businesses and stakeholders that stepped forward and provided donations to these workers. I had the pleasure of taking two truckloads of PPE to our Toronto Paramedics. We thank them for their service. As I understand, the PPE drive for the Doctors of Scarborough Health Network was also a success.

Delivering PPE with local Scarborough-Agincourt to Toronto Paramedics

Delivering PPE to Toronto Paramedics with CUPE416

To the frontline workers that have been affected by COVID-19: our prayers and best wishes are with you and your families.

During this critical time, the Scarborough Health Network continues to call for financial, medical equipment and PPE supply assistance during this time. If you are interested in donating to the Scarborough Health Network, please visit their website at: http://www.shnfoundation.ca/covidfund.


City of Toronto


  • The City of Toronto continues to receive many complaints regarding violation of orders to stay away from City parks amenities. Those who continue to use parks amenities at this time will be charged a minimum $750 and maximum $5000 fine.
  • Mayor Tory has asked businesses that are still open to accommodate TTC operators along their routes for bathroom breaks.
  • The City of Toronto has contracted 5 hotels, with a total of 650 rooms, to provide shelter for the homeless population. 2 of these hotel sites are already in use.
    • A further 5 hotels with approximately 500 rooms in total are in the process of being secured to house the homeless population.
    • Members of the homeless population have also been re-housed in Toronto Community Housing units. 19 units were occupied this week and 50 additional housing units have been identified.
    • City staff continues to look for vacant sites for the homeless population and are also looking for potential sites for permanent housing to help with affordable housing shortage once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
  • Applications for Ontario Works financial assistance will continue online and through the City’s Application and Support Centre from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Application and Support Centre will be accessible by phone only at 416-338-8888 or 1-888-465-4478 (toll free)
  • There have been changes to Ontario Works payment methods and in-person payment pick-ups at Ontario Works offices. Please check the following link for changes to payment dates and payment pick-up: https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/affected-city-services/?accordion=employment-and-social-services
  • 3 Ontario Works offices are currently open:
    • Metro Hall Employment & Social Services (214 Wellington St. W., 416-392-2600)
    • Scarborough Village Employment & Social Services (3660 Kingston Rd., 416-392-2800)
    • York Humber Employment & Social Services (605 Rogers Rd., 416-392-6200)


Government of Ontario

  • Government of Ontario is strongly recommending that individuals over the age of 70 self-isolate given the greater risk of severe outcomes due to COVID-19
    • Seek services over the phone or internet from family, friends or neighbours with essential errands
  • If you are self-isolating, monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after returning and contact your primary care provider or Telehealth if you experience symptoms of COVID-19
  • The Ontario government is working with businesses, volunteer organizations and non-profits to make it easier for Ontario seniors to self-isolate and practice physical distancing by ensuring they can receive the support they need to stay safe.
  • The government is investing $10 million to help community organizations with the coordination of subsidized deliveries of meals, medicines and other necessities to seniors and is working with grocers and pharmacists to prioritize seniors’ delivery orders and establish senior-only shopping hours
  • The government is working with province-wide organizations like Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) and Older Adults Centres’ Association of Ontario (OACAO) to identify and mobilize potential volunteer supports and expand the use of innovative technologies in the community to address social isolation

Government of Canada

  • For businesses to qualify for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: revenues must have decreased by at least 30% due to COVID19, no minimal number of employees, applies to non-profit organizations and charities. The federal government will cover 75% of wages on the first $58,000 of salary ($847 a week) for employees of such companies.
  • This upcoming week is very critical in the fight against COVID19, Canadians must practice social distancing and stay home
  • Federal government ensures that the Armed Forces are ready to be deployed to any part of the country


应对COVID-19每日更新 2020 年 3 月  30日









  • 市府继续收到许多关于违反闭园规定的投诉。对于此时继续使用公园设施的违规者,根据情节,市府将处以750元至5000元罚款。
  • 庄德利市长要求仍在营业的企业允许沿线TTC驾驶员使用洗手间。
  • 市府已与5家酒店签约,安排使用总共650间客房,为无家可归者提供住所。其中两家酒店现已交付使用。
    • 市府正在协调另外5家酒店,共约500间客房,为无家可归者提供住所。
    • 无家可归者也被重新安置在多伦多廉租房。本周入住19个单元,并确定了50个额外的住房单元。
    • 市府工作人员继续为无家可归者寻找庇护所,并且还在为他们寻找COVID-19大流行结束后永久性住所的潜在地点,以帮助解决廉租房短缺问题。
  • 周一至周五上午8:30至下午5点,可继续通过在线申请和本市申请支持中心,申请安大略省工作计划的财务协助。只能通过致电416-338-8888或1-888-465-4478(免费电话)与申请支持中心联系。
  • 安大略省工作计划的付款方式和在安大略工作计划办公室亲身取款方式发生了变化。请查阅以下链接,了解付款日期和取款方式的更改:https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/affected-city-services/?accordion=employment-and-social-services
  • 目前有3个安大略省工作计划办公室开放:
    • Metro Hall就业和社会服务处(Wellington 西街214号,416-392-2600)
    • Scarborough Village就业与社会服务处(Kingston 路3660号,416-392-2800)
    • York Humber就业与社会服务处(Rogers 路605号,416-392-6200)




  • 省府敦促年逾70岁的老年人进行自我隔离,因为对于老年人来说,COVID-19导致严重后果的风险更为严重。
    • 通过电话或互联网向家人、朋友或邻居寻求必需品递送服务。
  • 如果您正在自我隔离,在返加后14天内监测自己是否有COVID-19感染症状,如果您出现了COVID-19症状,请联系您的家庭医生或Telehealth。
  • 省府正在与企业、志愿者组织和非牟利机构合作,确保安省老年人能够得到他们所需要的支持,使他们更容易进行自我隔离和保证安全人际距离,免受COVID-19感染。
  • 省府将拨款1千万元,用于为社区组织给老年人送餐、送药和其他必需品提供补助,并与超市和药剂师合作,优先安排为老年人递送物品,以及为耆老设定专属购物时间。
  • 省府正与诸如安省社区支持协会(OCSA)和安省老年人中心协会(OACAO)等全省性组织合作,启动志愿服务动员机制,广泛使用社区创新技术,关注社会孤立问题。




  • 申请加拿大紧急工资补助的资格:适用于企业、非牟利组织和慈善机构,必须满足因COVID-19疫情导致收入下跌至少30%的条件,不限制雇员人数,联邦政府将为这些机构的员工支付其工资的75%,基于年薪首个58700元,这意味着工资补助最高可达(每周847元)。
  • 本周是遏制COVID-19疫情非常关键的时期,加拿大民众务必保证安全社交距离并且留在家中。
  • 联邦政府确保加拿大军队已做好准备,随时候命向本国的任何地区出发面对疫情。