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March 23, 2020 COVID-19 Update – COVID-19 更新 – 2020年3月23日

COVID-19 Update – March 23, 2020

 Yesterday I send out an email asking for your opinion if the Prime Minister should enact the Emergencies Act. Over 70 % of responders advise me to do so. Click here to see letter to PM

 Following yesterday’s e-mail, I would like to thank those of you who reached out and volunteered to help someone in need within our community. If you are interested in helping someone in need during this time, please sign the form at http://jimkarygiannis.net/wp/home/covid-19-volunteer/ .


If you are a community member in need of assistance during this time, please e-mail me at jim@karygiannis.net or call me at 416 392 1374.


City of Toronto

  • Mayor John Tory has declared a State of Emergency in the City of Toronto.
  • The next few days are absolutely critical in the City’s ongoing efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In making this declaration, Mayor Tory strongly encourages our residents to continue taking every precaution in protecting themselves – stay home, stay safe and only venture out to buy essential supplies once a week. Even better, order online if at all possible.
  • Public health professionals say that there are many who continue to put their health and the health of our community at risk.
  • This declaration sends the strongest possible message to residents to stay home and to change their behaviour.
  • Mayor Tory will support further recommendations and orders from the Medical Officer of Health and the Provincial and Federal Governments.
  • The Mayor made the emergency declaration in support of our healthcare workers and all City workers focused on this crisis, to make sure we flatten the curve, and protect our healthcare system.


Toronto Community Housing


  • Posters/Notices (attached) and other information about COVID-19 have been posted throughout all TCHC owned buildings.
  • Additional notices have been posted in seniors’ buildings advising visitors to limit/avoid contact with tenants.

Tenant Safety and Wellness:

  • TCHC has implemented increased cleaning and disinfection in all TCHC buildings and offices, with an additional focus on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in common areas (i.e. door handles, elevator buttons, garbage chutes, etc).
  • Staff are conducting wellness checks on all tenants who have been previously identified as vulnerable.

Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Non-essential and routine maintenance has been discontinued.
  • Non-safety related capital work that requires entry to units has been put on hold.
  • Fire-safety capital work (including sprinklers) continues.
  • A/C replacement continues in advance of summer weather.


  • All TCHC recreation spaces are closed until further notice, with the exception of food banks and food security programs, which will remain open.
  • All eat-in hot food programs are on hold until further notice. We are working with providers to support their transition to a takeout model.
  • Tenant elections and upcoming consultations are cancelled.

TCHC Staff/Offices:                                                       

  • All TCHC offices are closed to walk-ins. Meetings by appointment will continue.
  • All non-essential TCHC staff have been advised to work from home until further notice.


  • Seniors Housing Unit staff are in the process of contacting all 14,000 households in the seniors’ portfolio to identify any tenants who may be self-isolating and/or may be vulnerable and in need of additional assistance.


  • Evictions are on hold until further notice.
  • Parking enforcement will be limited to Fire Route and Accessible Parking infractions. Staff will respond to complaints of unlawful parking in tenant and non-tenant areas through non-enforcement related contact.


Government of Ontario

  • The Provincial Government has ordered mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses effective March 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Closure will be in effect for at least 14 days. The full list of businesses permitted to stay open will be released tomorrow.
  • Businesses that can continue remotely are given 36 hours to adapt and prepare.
  • Full-time DriveTest Centres and part-time Travel Point locations will be closed effective March 23, 2020 until further notice.
  • The Government of Ontario is providing $200 million in social services relief funding to help protect the health and safety of the province’s most vulnerable people.
    • Municipalities and organizations that administer social services with funding to support them which will be towards: shelters, food banks, emergency services, charities and non-profits continue to deliver their critical services, hire staff, and find ways to promote social-distancing
    • Ontario’s municipal service managers will determine local needs and distribute the funding
    • Funding will also help individuals and families in financial crisis who are not able to access federal assistance to cover needs such as food, rent, medicine, transportation, etc. through an expanded Emergency Assistance program through Ontario Works (OW)
    • Will also be available to organizations delivering social services to vulnerable First Nations individuals and families – individuals can apply online.


Government of Canada

  • The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees have declared that Canada’s Olympic and Paralympics teams will not attend the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games unless the Games will be delayed.
  • The Federal Government is working with Canadian airlines to get Canadians home. Flights are presently coming in from Peru, Guatemala, Morocco, El Salvador and Ecuador. Canadians abroad continue to be encouraged to register on the Registration of Canadians Abroad list to receive updates regarding the situation in their current locations.
  • The Federal Government has asked all post-secondary institutions for medical supplies and assistance with 3D printing of medical equipment.
    • If you have medical equipment you would like to provide to help with combating COVID-19, please visit the Government of Canada’s open procurement services website at https://buyandsell.gc.ca/
    • The Federal Government has also announced its intention to invest $192 million into companies researching a COVID-19 vaccine.



COVID-19 更新 – 2020323










在此期间,如果您是需要帮助的社区成员,请给我发送电子邮件至jim@karygiannis.net或致416 392 1374






  • 长庄德利(John Tory)已宣布多伦多市进入紧急状态
  • 接下来的几天对于市府持续努力减缓COVID-19的传播是至关重要的。市长庄德利(John Tory)在发表这一声明时,强烈鼓励我们的居民继续采取一切预防措施来保护自己——呆在家里,保持安全,并且一周只外出一次购买必需品。如果可能的话,最好是网上订购。
  • 公共卫生专家说,有许多人继续把他们自己的健康和我们全社区的健康放在危险之中。
  • 该声明强烈要求居民待在家里并且强烈要求他们改变他们的行为
  • 市长庄德利(John Tory)将支持联邦政府、省府及健康医务人员的进一步建议和政策。
  • 市长发表紧急声明,为了支持我们的医护人员和所有抵抗此危机的市政府工作人员,并确保我们弄平上升的病例曲线及保护我们的医疗系统。







  • 所有TCHC旗下的物业已经张贴海报/启示,及有关COVID-19的信息。
  • 老人屋更张贴了额外通知,建议限制访客/避免与房客接触。




  • TCHC对旗下所有物和办公室增加清洁和消毒措施,另外重点对在公共区域(即门把手、电梯按钮、垃圾槽等)经常触摸的表面进行消毒。
  • 员工正在对所有租户进行健康检查,这些人之前被确定为易受感染的群体。




  • 不再进行不必要的日常维护。
  • 与安全无关的并要求进入单位的重要工程暂时搁置。
  • 消防安全基本工程(包括洒水装置)仍继续进行。
  • 在夏季之前,将继续进行空调更换。


/ 约会:


  • 除食物银行和粮食保障项目外,所有TCHC康乐场所都关闭,直至另行通知。
  • 所有进餐热食计划都将暂停,直到另行通知。我们正在与供应商合作,以支持他们向外卖模式转型。
  • 取消租户选举和即将进行的磋商。


TCHC 员工 / 办公室:                                               


  • 所有TCHC办公室均不对访客开放。预约会议将继续进行。
  • 建议所有非必要的TCHC员工在家工作,直至另行通知。




  • 老年人住房部门的工作人员正在与居住在老人屋中的所有14,000户家庭联系,以识别任何可能在自我隔离当中和/或易受感染并需要额外帮助的租户。




  • 驱逐行动将暂停,直到另行通知。
  • 停车执法将仅限于消防通道和无障碍停车规定。工作人员将通过与非执法相关的联络,来回应有关在租户区和非租户区非法停车的投诉。






  • 省政府已下令从2020324日晚上11:59开始强制闭所有非必要企业
  • 闭将至少持续14天。全部允许继续营业的企业名单将于明天公布
  • 给予企业36个小时来适应和准备以继续其偏远的业务
  • 从2020年3月23日起,关闭所有的全天驾照考试中心以及部分时间开放的旅行要点处。恢复开放时间有待另行通知。
  • 安大略省政府将提供2亿加元的社会救济金,以帮助保护该省最弱势人群的健康和安全。
    • 市政当局和管理组织向给予帮助的社会服务机构提供资金支持包括:庇护所、食品银行、紧急服务机构、慈善机构和非营利组织,让他们继续提供其关键服务、雇用人员并设法扩大社交距离。
    • 安大略省的市政服务经理将按当地需求作出决定并分配资金 。
    • 资金还将帮助个人和家庭在财务危机中无法获得联邦救助的个人和家庭,通过安大略省工作计划(OW)的扩展紧急援助计划以满足其需求,如食品、租金、药品、交通等需求。
    • 资金也拔向为弱势的原住民的个人和家庭提供社会服务的组织——个人可以在线申请。






  • 加拿大奥委会和残奥委员会宣布,除非奥运会推迟,否则加拿大奥运及残奥团队将不会参加2020年东京夏季奥运会。
  • 联邦政府目前正在与加拿大航空公司进行谈判,以帮助滞留海外的加拿大人回家。目前有航班从秘鲁、危地马拉、摩洛哥、萨尔瓦多和厄瓜多尔出发。继续鼓励海外加拿大人在“加拿大海外人注册”列表中进行注册,以获取有关其当前所在地的最新情况。
  • 联邦政府已要求所有大专院校提供医疗用品和3D打印医疗设备的协助。
    • 如果您想提供医疗设备来协助对抗COVID-19,请浏览加拿大政府开放的采购服务网站,网址为https://buyandsell.gc.ca/
  • 联邦政府还宣布向研究COVID-19疫苗的公司投资1.92亿加元的意愿。