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March 20th, 2020 COVID-19 Updates – COVID-19 更新 – 2020年3月20日

COVID-19 Updates – March 20th, 2020

City of Toronto

  • As March Break comes to a close, anyone returning to Toronto from travel must self-isolate for 14 days, even if asymptomatic.

  • The City of Toronto will provide a 60-day grace period for City of Toronto residents and businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deferral is retroactive to March 16 and would cover property taxes, water and solid waste utility bill payments for all residents and businesses.
    • A 30-day grace period for businesses on tax and utility bill payments introduced earlier this week is being extended to a 60-day grace period as well.
    • Late payment penalties for residential and business properties will be waived for 60 days, starting March 16, 2020 to reflect these relief measures.
    • Utility bills (water and solid waste), are normally due 21 days after the billing date, but the City will extend that date an extra 60 days.



  • All personal hygiene and sanitary products that would typically be put in the Green Bin, including used tissues, should now be disposed of in the garbage.
  • Please ensure that all material placed in garbage bins is bagged, specifically cleaning products such as wipes, tissues/napkins and other sanitary/hygiene products.
  • Bins should only be placed out for collection if they are full.



  • For seniors not living in a long-term care home, Seniors Services and Long-Term Care continues to provide essential support services to seniors already enrolled in their Supportive Housing program with personal care, medication reminders, and safety checks.
  • Many community agencies offer supports to seniors including Meals on Wheels, friendly visiting, transportation to appointments, personal support, and adult day programs. Seniors and caregivers should check with the individual agencies to confirm continuity of service delivery. Call 211 (available 24/7 in 150+ languages) to obtain up-to-date information.
  • Other resources for seniors include:
    • Toronto Seniors Helpline: 416-217-2077 or 1-877-621-2077, for support and referral to services
    • Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Home Care: 310-2222 (no area code required) to find out about services in their area
    • Distress Centres of Toronto: 416-408-4357, 416-408-HELP
    • Seniors Safety Line (Elder Abuse Ontario): 1-866-299-1011
  • To ensure a safe and secure environment for residents, Seniors Services and Long-Term Care (SSLTC) took early action and introduced precautions to protect those in City of Toronto long-term care homes, to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to attempt to stop the virus from entering the long-term care setting, including:
    • Active screening of residents, visitors and staff
    • Restricting visitors to the long-term care homes
    • Cancelling gatherings, events and outings
    • Enhancing Infection, Prevention & Control (IPAC) practices and cleaning measures in all departments.



  • Shelters are currently enhancing cleaning and disinfection and working with Federal and Provincial counterparts to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers.
  • The City’s Shelter Support has initiated a number of measures in support of individuals experiencing homeless:
    • 5 new facilities have been opened in order to facilitate social distancing, as recommended by Toronto Public Health. These are temporary sites.
    • 1 new isolation site for people undergoing COVID-19 testing.
    • 1 hotel capacity for the family sector.
    • 1 additional site to shelter those for 14-days self-isolation as a result of travel.
    • 1 new site secured to be used as a COVID-19 recovery facility for the homeless, and is being prepared.
  • Screening for illness and travel history is part of intake for shelter system both by phone and in-person. Anyone identified as requiring further assessment is being sent to a Provincial Assessment Centre before being admitted into a shelter.


Connecting People

  • The City is calling on all restaurants that are still providing take-out and delivery services and businesses that sell food to consider donating any type of unsold, good food through https://foodrescue.ca/.
  • The City is urging non-profit organizations and agencies to do the following to help facilitate connecting residents willing to volunteer to organizations and agencies who need the help:
    • Update or add information about current operations to 211’s database.
    • Register volunteer needs through Spark Ontario at https://www.sparkontario.ca/ and/or with Volunteer Toronto at https://www.volunteertoronto.ca/. Volunteer Toronto has waived the fee associated with posting volunteer positions.
    • Residents interested in volunteering should register with the above-mentioned websites to get alerts for volunteer opportunities (some of which may be remote), call Volunteer Toronto at 416-961-6888 or email info@volunteertoronto.ca to connect with an advisor to discuss volunteer opportunities. Non-profit organizations and agencies’ staff are practicing infection prevention measures within their operations and volunteers would be required to do the same.
  • Through 211, operators can connect residents to income support, distress lines, mental health support and other Social Services support.
    • Call 211, text 21166, live chat with 211 agents Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM or visit http://211toronto.ca to search for services.


Government of Ontario


Provincial Legislature was recalled to vote on two Bills with only 26 sitting MPPs in an effort to maintain social distancing. Both Bills passed with unanimous support.


The Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infection Disease Emergencies), 2020:

    • Provides job-protected leave for employees who are in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19, or those who need to be away from work to care for children because of school or day care closures or to care for other relatives.
    • Measures are retroactive to January 25, 2020 (when the first case in Ontario was confirmed) – will also make it clear employees do not need a doctors note


The Municipal Emergency Act, 2020:

    • Ensures that for the near future, the delivery of goods to Ontario businesses and consumers is not impacted by Municipal noise by-laws that may unintentionally be impeding such deliveries when they are most urgently needed.
    • The legislation also gives municipalities the ability to fully conduct Council, local board and committee meetings electronically when faced with local and province-wide emergencies.


  • Learn at Home/Apprendre à la Maison was launched today – a new online portal that will provide resources for families so students can continue their education while schools are closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 in both English and French.
  • TVO and TFO will also be modifying their broadcast schedule to air more educational programmes aimed at students.


Government of Canada

  • The Government of Canada is currently in talks with Canadian airlines to help stranded Canadians come home. The first flight organized by the Government of Canada to help Canadians abroad will be leaving Morocco on Saturday, March 21st going to Montreal.
  • All non-essential travel officially between the U.S and Canada takes effect tonight at 12:00 AM.
  • Asylum seekers attempting to enter the Canadian border through unofficial ports of entry will be turned back.
  • The Federal Government is offering assistance to companies producing medical supplies, including monetary support and scaling up industrial capacities, for companies already making masks, ventilators, and hand sanitizer. This will also cover companies that wish to shift their production to medical supplies.
  • There have been more than 500,000 applications from Canadians for financial aid. Prime Minister Trudeau is asking Canadians to be patient while they process applications.



COVID-19 更新 – 2020320



  • 随着三月春假的结束,任何旅行之后返回多伦多的人都必须自我隔离14天,即使没有症状。


  • 由于COVID-19大流行,多伦多市府将为多伦多市居民和企业提供60天的宽限期。该延期追溯至3月16日,将涵盖所有居民和企业的物业税、水费和固体废物公用事业账单。
    • 本周早些时候出台的针对企业税务和公用事业账单支付的30天宽限期将延长至60天。
    • 减免措施还包括从2020年3月16日起,住宅物业和商业物业逾期付款的罚款将豁免至60天。
    • 公共事业账单(水费和固体废物)通常在开票日期之后21天到期,但市府将把该日期再延长60天。



  • 现在应将通常放在绿色垃圾箱中的所有个人卫生和清洁用品,包括用过的纸巾,都丢入垃圾(黑桶)中。
  • 请确保将所有垃圾放入垃圾箱的袋里,尤其是清洁用品,例如抹布、纸巾/餐巾纸和其他清洁/卫生用品。
  • 只有装满垃圾桶时,才可以将其放置路边以便收集。



  • 对于不在长期护理院中生活的老年人,老年人服务和长期护理将继续,为已经加入住房支持计划的老年人提供基本的支援服务,通包括个人护理、用药提醒和安全检查。
  • 许多社区机构为老年人提供支持,包括上门送餐服务、友好探访、交通预约、个人帮助和成人日间活动。老年人和护理人员应与各个机构核实,以确保服务的连续性。致电211(7天24小时提供150多种语言)以获取最新信息。
  • 其他长者的资源包括:
    • 多伦多长者服务热线:416-217-2077或1-877-621-2077,以获取帮助和推荐服务
    • 本地健康整合网络(LHIN)家庭护理:310-2222(无需区号)以查找有关其所在地区的服务
    • 多伦多心理健康中心:416-408-4357,416-408-HELP
    • 老年人安全热线(安大略省防止虐待老年人):1-866-299-1011
  • 为了确保居民有可靠和安全的环境,长者服务和长期护理中心(SSLTC)采取了前期行动,并实施了预防措施,保护多伦多市长期护理院中的人,并防止COVID-19的传播同时尝试阻止病毒进入长期护理环境,包括:
    • 积极筛查居民、访客和员工
    • 限制访客进入长期护理院
    • 取消聚会、活动和郊游
    • 所有部门需加强抗传染、预防及控制(IPAC)实践、和清洁的措施。


  • 庇护所目前正在加强清洁和消毒,并与联邦和省级对口机构合作,保障工人得到个人防护设备(PPE)。
  • 市府庇护所已经采取了许多措施,以帮助无家可归的人:
    • 根据多伦多公共卫生局的建议,已经增设了5个新庇护所,以保持社交距离。这些都是临时的庇护所。
    • 1个新的隔离中心,供正在接受COVID-19测试的人员使用。
    • 1家酒店供家庭使用。
    • 1个额外的庇护所,供那些因旅行而需要自我隔离14天的人使用。
    • 正准备一个新庇护所,为患有COVID-19的无家可归者康复使用。
  • 无论是通过电话还是面对面的方式,筛查疾病和旅行史都是进入庇护系统的一部分。任何人如被确认需要进行进一步评估,必须先送到省评估中心,然后才能进入庇护所。



  • 市府呼吁所有仍在提供外卖和送餐服务的餐厅以及销售食品的企业考虑通过https://foodrescue.ca/捐赠任何未售出的优质食品。
  • 市府敦促非营利组织和机构做以下事情,让对志愿服务感兴趣的居民向需要帮助的组织和机构提供志愿服务:
    • 更新或添加有关当前的信息到211的数据库中。
    • 志愿者需通过安大略火花网站https://www.sparkontario.ca/和/或多伦多志愿者组织网站https://www.volunteertoronto.ca/注册。多伦多志愿者组织已免除张贴志愿职位的有关费用。
    • 对志愿服务感兴趣的居民应在上述网站上注册以获取有关志愿服务的机会(其中一些可能是远程的),请致电多伦多志愿者组织416-961-6888或发送电子邮件至info@volunteertoronto.ca与顾问联系,讨论志愿者相关的机会。非营利组织和机构的员工正在其业务范围内实施预防感染的措施,志愿者也必须这样做。
  • 通过211,运营商可以帮助居民连接到收入支援、求助热线、心理辅导和其他社会服务支援。
    • 周一至周五上午7:00至下午9:00致电211、短信21166、与211代表进行实时聊天、或访问http://211toronto.ca进行搜索服务。







    • 为因COVID-19而被隔离或隔离的员工,或因学校或日托中心关闭而需要离开工作岗位照顾孩子或照顾其他亲属的员工,提供工作保护的假期。
    • 措施可追溯至2020年1月25日(安大略省首例确诊病例)——并明确表明员工不需要提供医生的证明。



    • 确保在不久的将来,安大略省企业向消费者交付货物不会受到市政噪音法规的影响,该法规可能会在最紧急的情况下无意中阻碍了此类运送。
    • 该法规还让市府有能力在面对地方和全省范围的紧急情况时以电子会议的方式全面举行理事会、地方理事会和委员会。


  • 在家学习/Apprendre à la Maison 今天启动——一个崭新的在线网站,它将为家庭提供资源,由于COVID-19大流行导致学校关闭,学生可以在此期间继续接受英语和法语教育。
  • TVO 和 TFO还将修改他们的广播时间表,以播出更多针对学生的教育节目。



  • 加拿大政府目前正在与加拿大航空公司进行谈判,以帮助滞留海外的加拿大人回家。加拿大政府首趟安排滞留海外加拿大人回国的航班将于3月21日星期六离开摩洛哥,飞往蒙特利尔。
  • 美加边境禁止所有非必要旅行将于今晚12:00 AM生效。
  • 加拿大政府将遣返试图通过非官方入境口岸进入加拿大边境寻求庇护的难民。
  • 联邦政府援助生产口罩、呼吸机和洗手液等生产医疗用品的公司,包括财政支援和协助扩大工业生产力。这还将涵盖希望转型生产医疗用品的公司。
  • 超过50万的加拿大人申请经济援助。总理特鲁多要求加拿大人耐心等候政府处理申请。