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March 19, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates COVID-19 更新 – 2020年3月19日

COVID-19 Updates – March 19, 2020


City of Toronto

  • Critical services in the City continue, as stated in previous days. The TTC continues to operate as normal. However, the TTC’s Wheel-Trans reservation system has received a large number of calls requesting drives to COVID-19 assessment centres. Please note the TTC Wheel-Trans system does not provide public transport to assessment centres or hospitals.
  • All Toronto Police Services facilities, including the headquarters, are now closed to the public.
  • The Toronto Police Services Property Unit, located at 330 Progress Avenue, is closed until further notice. Services will continue to be provided by phone.
  • All criminal record and judicial matter checks must be submitted online. Vulnerable sector screenings and fingerprinting are by appointment only.
  • Anyone who has been approached by COVID-19 scammers are encouraged to report these scams at www.tps.on.ca/core


Government of Ontario

    • All Provincial Parks will be closed effective immediately until April 30th.
    • The Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Health, with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services as well as Service Ontario, is extending the validity period of driving products, services and health cards.
      • This includes extensions for drivers licences, licence plate validation, Ontario photo cards, Commercial Vehicle Operation Registration certificates and Health cards (to ensure access to health services).
      • Ontarians are to use expired documents in the time being.
    • The Ministry of Transportation is also extending due dates for medical or vision reports, to reduce the need for doctor’s visits.
    • The Ministry of Transportation will continue to deliver time-critical services including Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Stock orders and Single-Trip Oversize-Overweight Permits.
    • The Scarborough Hospital – Birchmount Campus (Scarborough Grace Hospital) has opened an assessment centre open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The Assessment Centre is not for everyone, and not everyone who visits the centre will be tested for COVID-19. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE GOING TO THE ASSESSMENT CENTRE AT https://www.shn.ca/covid19-assess/ .
    • You should NOT come for assessment and WILL NOT be tested IF:
      • You have travelled outside of Canada, but do not have any symptoms.
      • You have no symptoms, but your employer has required testing.
      • You have only mild symptoms, with or without fever. If this is you, stay home and self-isolate until you are symptom-free for at least 48 hours, then call the Toronto Public Health hotline or Ontario Telehealth for further guidance.
  • You should PRE-REGISTER ONLINE to come to the centre IF:
    • You have symptoms including a fever over 38 degrees celcius and/or cough (new or worsening) and shortness of breath; AND
    • You have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days before your symptoms began, through travel outside of Canada, close interaction with someone who has COVID-19, or close interaction with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 and recently travelled outside of Canada or to an impacted area within Canada.


  • All elective surgeries and clinics at the Birchmount Campus have been closed for the time being.
  • Ontario courts and tribunals are limiting in-person proceedings and making use of audio and video conferencing to hear priority matters remotely and are deferring non-urgent matters until they can be managed safely.
  • All Tribunals in-person proceedings are postponed and will be rescheduled to a later date. If feasible, written/telephone hearings will be considered.
  • Superior Court of Justice has suspended all regular court operations.
  • All sittings of the Small Claims Court are suspended.
  • Ontario Court of Justice has established procedures to reduce the number of people who attend court in-person. Please check these new procedures before arriving at court.
  • All Provincial Offences Act matters scheduled up to April 3rd will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • Ontario Court of Appeal has suspended all scheduled appeals until April 3rd.
  • Ministry of the Attorney General has applied for a court order to suspend the enforcement of eviction orders.

Government of Canada

  • The Canada-U.S. Border is expected to be closed to non-essential travel by Saturday, March 21st, 2020.
  • Canadian Blood Services is urging people to continue donating blood as the need for blood to help patients does not stop. Due to venue closures, the Canadian Blood Services have seen a large decrease in donors. For more information with regards to COVID-19, and to book an appointment to donate blood, please visit www.blood.ca or call +1 888 236 6283
  • Via Rail has announced a number of service changes and route suspensions, beginning March 23rd. For more information on changes and cancellations, please visit www.viarail.ca
  • The Government of Canada is reaching out to Canadians abroad through text messaging. If you receive a text from the Government of Canada abroad, please follow text updates as advised. For emergency assistance, please email sos@international.gc.ca or call +1 613 996 8885.


COVID-19 更新 – 2020319



  • 如前几天所述,市内关键的服务仍在继续。多伦多公车局继续正常运作。但是,TTC的Wheel-Trans预定服务已接到大量的来电,要求前往COVID-19评估中心。请注意,TTC的Wheel-Trans 系统提供公共接送服务到评估中心或医院。
  • 包括总部在内的所有多伦多警察局现已对公众关闭。
  • 位于330 Progress Avenue的多伦多警察局已经关闭,直至另行通知。但将继续通过电话提供服务。
  • 所有犯罪记录和司法事宜查阅必须在线提交。易危物品部门的筛查和指纹录入需预约。
  • 任何人接触过COVID-19 的骗子请到www.tps.on.ca/core进行举报。


    • 所有省立公园立即关闭直到4月30日。
    • 安省交通运输部和卫生部、消费者服务部以及安大略省服务局将延长驾驶证和健康卡等的有效使用期限。
      • 这延长包括驾驶证、车牌验证、安省照片卡、商用车运营登记证及健康卡(以确保得到医疗服务)。
      • 安大略人可以暂时使用过期的证件。
    • 交通部也会自动延长体检报告、眼睛测试报告的截止期限,以减轻看医生的需求。
    • 交通部将会继续一部分紧迫的服务,包括机动车检查以及办理单程超重/超大许可证。
    • 士嘉堡医院——Birchmount院区(士嘉堡慈恩医院)开设了一个评估中心,每天上午9点到下午6点开放。评估中心不是为所有人服务的,也不是所有前来的人都可以做COVID-19的测试。在去评估中心之前,请您必须在https://www.shn.ca/covid19-assess/进行网上登记
    • 如果您有以下情况,请不要到评估中心,而且中心将不会对您进行测试:
      • 您有外游记录,但没有任何症状。
      • 您没有任何症状,但您的雇主要求您进行检查。
      • 您只有轻微的症状,有或没有发烧。如果这个是您,请呆在家里自我隔离直到您的症状消失至少48小时,然后致电多伦多公共健康热线或安省远程医疗系统获取进一步的指引。
  • 如果您有以下情况,请到网上进行预先登记才能去评估中心:
    • 您有超过38度的发烧和/或咳嗽(新的或恶化的)及呼吸急促的症状;和
    • 您的症状开始之前的最近14天内,曾经到加拿大境外旅行、与患有COVID-19的人有密切接触、或与患有COVID-19症状且最近到加拿大境外旅行或加拿大境内受影响地区旅行的人有紧密接触。


  • Birchmount 院区的所有择期手术和诊所已经暂时关闭。
  • 安大略省法院和法庭正在限制现场诉讼,并利用音频和视频会议来远程审理优先诉讼,并将非紧急诉讼推迟到可以安全审理的时候。
  • 法庭推迟所有当面审理的案件,并将在以后重新安排。如果可行,将考虑书面/电话听证。
  • 高等法院已经暂停了所有正常的法庭运作。
  • 所有小额钱债法庭的聆讯暂停。
  • 安大略法院已经建立了规程以减少亲自出庭的人数。请在去法庭之前查阅这些新的规程。
  • 所有原定于4月3日之前的省级犯罪法案事务将在以后重新安排。
  • 安大略省上诉庭已暂停所有已预约的上诉,直至4月3日。
  • 司法部长已申请法院命令暂停执行驱逐令。


  • 预计到2020年3月21日星期六,加拿大-美国边境将禁止非必要旅行通关。
  • 加拿大血库敦促人们继续献血,因为患者对血液的需求不断。但由于场馆关闭,加拿大血库的捐献者大幅减少。有关COVID-19的更多信息以及预约献血,请浏览www.blood.ca或致电+1 888 236 6283
  • Via 铁路已宣布从3月23日开始更改一系列的服务及线路暂停。获取更多有关变更和取消的信息,请浏览www.viarail.ca
  • 加拿大海外政府正在通过短信与海外加拿大人联络,请关注更新内容作并作为建议。如需紧急援助,请发电邮至sos@international.gc.ca 或致电 +1 613 996 8885。