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March 18, 2020 – COVID-19 Updates – 2020年3月18日 —-COVID-19 更新

COVID-19 Updates – March 18, 2020


City of Toronto

  • Social distancing continues to be heavily encouraged by the City of Toronto. Public gatherings, meetups, house visits and playdates are NOT encouraged at this time.

  • City of Toronto services being changed with immediate effect:
    • Wedding chambers at City Hall and Civic Centres are all now closed.
    • Marriage registry services are all closed.
    • Marriage license issuing is suspended.
    • Non-emergency Building, By-law, DineSafe and BodySafe operations are suspended.
    • Access to Toronto Housing offices is closed. Payments and processing services continue.
    • Planning applications will be delayed, and City Planning is looking at how to address delays.
    • All Toronto Court Service Offices and Service Counters are closed. Provincial Offences Courts are closed. All scheduled matters are postponed across the province.
    • Business licensing and renewing is suspending. Some can be renewed, through the City’s online services.
    • Enforcement of expired business licensing has been suspended.


  • Emergency inspections related to health and safety will continue, and are prioritized.
  • 3 Toronto Employment and Social Services locations are still open. The rest are now closed. Clients will be asked COVID-19 screening questions before being allowed to come for appointments. Payments are not impacted.
  • Visitors are no longer allowed at City-operated long-term care homes.
  • Garbage collection continues, with the exception of yard waste. If you have put yard waste out for collection, please remove the yard waste until further notice.
  • Public Health centres continue to experience a very high volume of calls. Your first point of access is encouraged to be toronto.ca/covid19


Government of Canada

    • Both Canada and the United States will temporarily restrict all non-essential travel across the border, for recreation and tourism. Essential travel will continue. Supply chain and flow of goods will not be affected by these border restrictions.
  • The deadline for individual taxpayers to file taxes has been extended to June 1st.
    • For taxpayers who owe money, tax payments can be now be deferred until after August 31st (amounts that are due between today and September 1st)
    • An $82-billion package has been promised by the Federal Government to provide relief to Canadian households and businesses.
    • For Small Business Owners, a temporary wage subsidy for a period of 3 months will be introduced, to discourage layoffs.
      • The subsidy will be equal to 10% of remuneration paid during that period, up to a maximum subsidy of $1375 per employee and $25,000 per employer.
  • The Emergency Care Benefit has been introduced by the Federal Government. Application will be available in April 2020.


  • The Emergency Care Benefit will be introduced and will provide money every 2 weeks for up to 15 weeks, comparable to Employment Insurance amounts (approx. $900), for:
    • Workers, including the self-employed, who are quarantined or sick with COVID-19 but do not qualify for EI sickness benefits;
    • Workers, including the self-employed, who are taking care of a family member who is sick with COVID-19 but do not qualify for EI sickness benefits; and,
    • Parents with children who require care or supervision due to school closures and are unable to earn employment income, irrespective of whether they qualify for EI or not.
  • A 6-month, interest-free moratorium will be placed on student loans.
  • GST credit for low-income Canadian families will be increased in May 2020. Those eligible will receive $300, plus $150 per child.
  • A temporary boost to the Canada Child Benefit in the coming months is currently in the works. It will bring approximately $2-billion in extra support.
  • The Reaching Home Program for the homeless will be doubled in funding.

  • Canada Post has introduced new safety measures. These include:
    • No longer requesting signatures for any door deliveries.
    • Safe drop process will be applied – items will be left in the mailbox or outside a door if it is safe to do so. Where it is not possible to safe drop, delivery agents will leave a notice card indicating the post office where items can be picked up by showing ID.
    • For Registered, Xpresspost Certified, Proof of Identity, Proof of Age, Collect on Delivery (COD) and items where custom fees are due, these items cannot be released without a signature; a notice card indicating the post office where items can be picked up and signed off will be left.
  • If you are sick or under self-isolation, please arrange for someone to pick up items at the post office for you.


Government of Ontario

  • Ontario’s Telehealth system is currently experiencing some technical issues. Services have not fully resumed.
  • Ontario Superior Court of Justice operations have been suspended. This includes all new trials, and will last through April 3rd. All criminal, family and civil matters scheduled to be heard on or after Tuesday, March 17th 2020 are adjourned.
    • Only urgent and emergency cases will continue to be heard, including public health and safety, civil, family and criminal matters.
  • The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario is postponing hearings indefinitely.
  • All EQAO standardized testing has been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year. This includes Grades 3, 6 and 9 standardized math testing and Grade 10 literacy tests.
  • All LCBO stores in Ontario will be operating on reduced hours, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Delivery options remain available but are subject to Canada Post delivery requirements.
  • The 14-day self isolation for healthcare workers returning from foreign travel is mandatory; the directive will be going out shortly.
  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, 1 of 4 major education unions, will suspend all strikes indefinitely.



COVID-19 更新 —— 2020318




  • 多伦多市府继续大力鼓励民众保持社交距离。目前鼓励公众集会、聚会、探访和游玩。
  • 多伦多市府服务有更改,并即时生效:
    • 市政厅和市政中心的婚礼场地现已全部关闭。
    • 婚姻登记处的服务已全部关闭。
    • 暂停发放结婚证。
    • 暂停非紧急楼宇、附例、饮食安全及人身安全运营。
    • 前往多伦多房屋署办事处的通道已经关闭。付款和处理服务继续进行。
    • 规划申请将推迟,城市规划处正在研究如何解决延迟的问题。
    • 所有多伦多法庭服务办公室及服务柜台均已关闭。省级法院关闭。全省所有已预约的事宜均缓办。
    • 申请营业执照和更新牌照服务暂停。有些牌照更新可以通过市府网上服务进行。
    • 已暂停对已过期的商业牌照进行执法。


  • 与健康和安全有关的紧急检查将继续进行,并具有优先权。
  • 3个多伦多就业和社会服务中心仍然开放。其余的现已关闭。客户将在赴约前被问及COVID-19的筛查问题。 付款则不会受到影响。
  • 不再允许游客进入市府属下的长期护理院。
  • 垃圾收集工作仍然继续,庭院垃圾除外。如果您已经把庭院垃圾放出来让市府收集,请先取回直至另行通知。
  • 公共卫生中心持续接到大量的电话。鼓励您先浏览toronto.ca/covid19



    • 加拿大和美国将在加美两国边境实施临时限制,限制所有消遣和观光的非必要旅行。必要的旅行将不受影响。货运和物流不受这些边境限制的影响。
  • 个人报税截止时间延至61


    • 纳税人(从今日起至9月1日)的欠税,可延至8月31日之后支付。
    • 联邦政府已承诺提供820亿元的援助,减轻加拿大家庭和企业的负担。
    • 对于小商家,将引入为期3个月的临时工资补贴,以阻止裁员。
      • 向小商家提供10%的工资补贴,每位员工最高1,375元,每位雇主最多25,000元。
  • 联邦政府已经推出紧急照顾福利。申请将于20204月开始。


  • 引入“紧急照护福利”,每两周提供一笔款项,最多15星期,与就业保险金相当(大约$ 900),为:
    • 被隔离或患有COVID-19,但不符合申请EI疾病津贴资格的工人,包括自雇者;
    • 照顾患有COVID-19的家人,但不符合申请EI疾病津贴资格的工人,包括自雇者;和,
    • 不论是否符合申请EI的资格,因学校停课而需要照顾或监管子女而无法赚取就业收入的家长。
  • 6个月免息学生贷款偿还期。
  • 低收入家庭的GST货劳税退税将增至2020年5月。那些符合条件的将获得$300,外加每个儿童$150 。
  • 暂时增加加拿大儿童福利金(牛奶金),提供约20亿元的额外支持。
  • 无家可归者护理计划加倍。

  • 加拿大邮政局推出了新的安全措施。这些措施包括:
    • 任何送货上门不再要求签署。
    • 采用安全投递程序——如果安全的话,邮件将被留在邮箱或门外。如果无法安全投递,快递员将会留下一张通知卡,指明到某邮局凭身份证领取物品。
    • 对于已注册、Xpresspost 已认证、身份证明、年龄证明、货款到付(COD)及应付海关费用的物品,未经签字不得领取;快递员会留下一张通知卡,指明到某邮局签收领取物品。
  • 如果您生病或处于自我隔离状态,请安排他人到邮局领取。



  • 安省的远程医疗系统目前遇到了一些技术问题。服务尚未完全恢复。
  • 安省高等法院的运作已经暂停。这包括所有新的审判,并将持续到4月3日。原定于2020年3月17日周二或之后进行审理的所有刑事、家庭纠纷、民事案件均押后。
    • 仅继续审理紧急及突发案件,包括公共卫生及安全、民事、家庭纠纷和刑事案件。
  • 安省人权法庭将无限期推迟审讯。
  • 取消2019-2020学年所有EQAO 标准化考试。这包括3年级、6年级和9年级的标准化数学测试和10年级的读写能力测试。
  • 省内所有LCBO 商店的营业时间均减少,变为从上午11点到下午6点。送货方式仍然可用,但必须遵守加拿大邮政的送货要求。
  • 医疗工作者从国外旅行回来必须进行14天的自我隔离;该指令很快就会发布。
  • 安省中学教师联会是四大教师工会之一,宣布无限期暂停所有罢工行动。