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No Need for Excessive Speed – 没有必要超速

No Need for Excessive Speed – 没有必要超速

March 4, 2020 –

In a City as busy as Toronto, we are understandably in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.

However, this should not come at the cost of your life or the lives of others.

In Toronto, we routinely see speeding vehicles being pulled over by police on freeways, main roads and even on the smallest of side streets.

In Scarborough-Agincourt – the area I have served as both Member of Parliament and local Councillor – we’ve had a number of fatalities stemming from speeding vehicles. A young man driving at 180 km/h down Kennedy Road died, after hitting a concrete pole and splitting his vehicle in half. An 11 year old student walking home from school who was hit in a residential area.

My question to speeders “What could possibly be so urgent that you need to drive at these breakneck speeds?”

As a Member of Parliament, I tabled a Private Member’s Bill calling for the mandatory installation of car speed limiters, capping car speeds at 150 km/h. Toronto City Council previously passed a Motion directing the City Manager to appeal to the federal government, asking for consideration on this same matter.

In January, as part of the City of Toronto’s Vision Zero plan, speed limits were reduced on most major arteries, from 60 km/h to 50 km/h. Automated Speed Enforcement, a system that uses cameras and speed measurement devices to detect speeding vehicles, was introduced within two school zones in each of Toronto’s 25 Wards.

These efforts to reduce speeds are to make sure everyone gets home alive, not to make life more difficult.

There’s simply no excuse for speeding! Your life and that of others is far more important than getting somewhere a few minutes faster. If you have a need for speed, take it to the racetrack. Do not take it to the roads that you, your neighbours, friends and family frequent.