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Snow Event Update – Feb 27, 5pm

For the snow event of February 26 & 27, here is an update on Transportation Services’  winter  operations plans as of February 27 at 5pm.


Note:  These plans are estimates only and subject to changing conditions such as timing of the event and  the amount of precipitation.


Transportation Services has received an updated forecast from our weather provider, DTN.


Weather:  Scattered flurries are possible in the morning through the evening with snow showers and perhaps a few squalls forecast tonight through Friday. Very little if any additional accumulations are forecast today with a local 2-4cm possible tonight through Friday. Winds gusts of 45-55 km/h are expected to increase to 50-80 km/h this morning through tonight. Wind gusts of 50-60 km/h is forecast for Friday. Mainly dry conditions return for Saturday.


High & low pedestrian volume sidewalks will be cleared multiple times.  Cleanup operations may continue through the weekend in response to blowing/drifting snow.



–              Transportation maintains a 24/7 patrol to constantly monitor road and sidewalk conditions.


Roadway Salting:             

–               Salting operations are continuing throughout the day where required.


Roadway Plowing

–              Plowing operations on arterial and collector roads commenced at midnight and were completed by approx. 12pm. 

–              Cleanup on arterial and collector roads will continue through the day at centre left turn lanes, bus lanes and restricted parking areas.

–              Local road plowing commenced at approx. 3am and should be completed by 8pm.  Local roads will be salted following plowing.

–              Cleanup operations for local roads will continue on Friday focussing on parked cars, missed streets, driveways and SRs.


Trails & Separated Bike Lanes

–              Salting & plowing of the Martin Goodman Trail & Humber Bay Waterfront Trail commenced at approx. 5pm Wednesday and are now complete.

–              Salting & plowing of the separated bike lanes commenced at approx. 5pm Wednesday and are now complete.

–              Plowing & salting on trails and bike lanes may resume as required in response to blowing/drifting snow.


Sidewalks & Bus Stops

–              1st round of mechanical sidewalk clearing is now complete.

–              2nd round sidewalk salting & plowing will commence at approx. 6pm Thursday and continue overnight into Friday morning.

–              Multiple rounds of sidewalk salting & plowing will be required.