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January 27, 2020 – Councillor Requests for Matching Funds for Those Affected by Coronavirus – 詹嘉礼议员请求政府为受影响人士提供配对捐款发表声明

Request for Matching Funds for Those Affected by Statement by Jim Karygiannis

The Chinese Canadian community has begun raising funds to assist loved ones in China obtain preventative medical devices, such as face masks and surgical gloves, which, presently, are either prohibitively expensive or impossible, at any price, to obtain. They have asked me to help them in this effort.

I have written to the Prime Minister requesting that the Government of Canada match, dollar-for-dollar, all monies raised to purchase these preventative medical devices. In the past, as other countries have faced the aftermath of internal crisis, the Canadian government has agreed to match the funds raised by Canadians to assist in the relief efforts.


I have also offered to assist the community to work with the Canada Revenue Agency to receive a one-time charity tax number. This will allow those who contribute to receive a charitable tax receipt.

I look forward to working with the community on this very important issue.

Letter to the Prime Minister click here:        letter to pm








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