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June 27, 2019 – Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Today, on Canadian Multiculturalism Day, we celebrate our country’s rich diversity and the significant contributions being made to our society by members of Canada’s multicultural communities.

Canadian Multiculturalism Day was established by the Government of Canada in 2002 to recognize the economic, social and cultural benefits of multiculturalism.


Multiculturalism is fundamental to our belief that all Canadian citizens, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious background, have an equal voice and opportunity to participate fully in Canadian society. As Canadians, we are proud of our citizenship and value our rights and freedoms.  Canada’s strength is its people.


We live harmoniously under one flag, the Canadian Flag.  We are different from one another, yet we are one – we are Canada.


As the Newcomer’s Advocate with the City of Toronto I strongly believe that we must work to together to promote togetherness. We must Respect our newcomer communities. We must Accept our newcomer communities. We should Celebrate our diversity and Embrace our different cultures and traditions, because we are all part of the human RACE.