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February 27, 2019 – Karygiannis holds “Save The Grace” Town Hall Meeting 600 show up.

TORONTO – Jim Karygiannis, Councillor for Ward 22, Scarborough-Agincourt, held a standing-room only Town Hall meeting last evening with respect to the proposed closure of two departments at the Scarborough Hospital-Grace Birchmount Campus).  The capacity crowd heard from medical staff and the President of the Heathwood Ratepayers Association about the impact of the closure of the Obstetrics and In-Patient Pediatric Departments would have on the hospital and community.

“I am pleased to see such a large turnout.  It shows that people of our community really care what happens to their hospital.” said Mr. Karygiannis.  “I just wish that the CEO of the Scarborough Health Network was here to see how important the Grace is to us.”

Children in our community deserve to receive basic Pediatric care in their local community hospital. This is the standard of care in Toronto. In the entire GTA, there is no community hospital without Pediatrics and Obstetrics.” stated Pediatrician, Dr. Raymond Shu.  “Parents with sick children should not have to travel to another hospital to receive basic care.”

“I see grief and tragedy every day as an Emergency room physician caring for the critically ill residents of Scarborough.” said Dr. Lisa Salamon.  “My colleagues and I have reservations about the closing of the Pediatric and Obstetric Departments.  We want to stop this risky decision. The lives of women and children in North Scarborough should not be subjected to an absence of basic medical services.”

“The young mothers, children and seniors of our community deserve the same level of quality care at Birchmount Emergency as they would get at any other community hospital within GTA.” stated Denis Lanoue, President of Heathwood Ratepayers Association.  “It is unfair and unethical to plan to remove core essential services from our community hospital.”  Mr. Lanoue was speaking on behalf of 6 rate payers Associations, representing residents of Scarborough living north of 401.

“There is over 20000 thousand new units scheduled to be build in Scarborough-Agincourt in the immediate future.” Mr. Karygiannis stated. “There will be over 50,000 new residents added north of the 401 in my ward alone.  The Hospital administration is ignoring this fact and is not taking the on-going needs of the old and new residents into consideration.”

At the end of the meeting, those in attendance were asked to take a Petition, which will be presented in the Ontario Legislature, and circulate it among their family, friends and neighbours.

“We ran out of Petitions!  Even I did not anticipate such a large crowd.” stated Mr. Karygiannis.  “However, all people have to do is call my Constituency Office at 416-321-2788 and we will deliver the Petition to them.  Tonight was the beginning of the “Save The Grace” campaign.  I am prepared to fight for our hospital and do everything in my power to keep it a full service hospital”