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January 23. 2019 – “Scarborough-Agincourt patients thrown under the bus by Scarborough Health Network Restructuring”

“Scarborough-Agincourt patients thrown under the bus by Scarborough Health Network Restructuring”


Statement by Jim Karygiannis, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 22



“At a meeting this morning, I was told by the administration of the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) that the proposed cuts to health services at the Scarborough Grace hospital (Scarborough Hospital- Grace Division (Birchmount Campus)) would be rubber stamped by the Board of Directors at its meeting tomorrow.

I was told that there had been consultations with doctors and community members.  When I asked who and when, I was not given an answer.  I asked for more time and consultations and was told “No”.


In a letter, the administration doctors of SHN stated:


“we know that moving to a two-site model for these services will ensure that our patients are able to receive services at a facility that is well-equipped with the technology and professionals to provide exceptional care.”


When I asked if the “two-site model” could be adjusted so that one site was south of the 401 and the other site would be north of the 401, I was told the decision has already been made and that both sites would be south of the 401.


During the meeting, the administration doctors were asked if they had done work at the Scarborough-Grace, the answer was “Rarely”.  Members of the administration were also asked if they or any of the Board Members lived north of the 401, again, the answer was “No”.


Once again, people, who do not live or work in our community, are making decisions which affect our daily lives.


This has got to stop!  I am asking the all people of Scarborough, who live north of the 401, to join me in a campaign to “SAVE THE GRACE” as a full-service community hospital.”