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April 20, 2018 – E-Newsletter

Dear Constituent:

I hope this message finds you and your family well.

This month will be a busy one in Scarborough-Agincourt. With the arrival of warmer days in Toronto, there will be more neighborhood cleanup events and general outdoor activities happening around the community.

My office is here to address concerns regarding the community. For web-based constituency services, please visit my website at www.karygiannis.net and complete the Constituency Assistance form.

If you would like your community event to be included in our next e-newsletter, please contact my office.

For any questions or comments, I can be reached by phone at 416-392-1374 or by e-mail at jim@karygiannis.net.

Please take a minute and pass this email to your neighbors, family and friends.

Thank you in advance.


Toronto Hydro Overhead Construction Project at Kennedy/Reidmount

My office has been informed of a Toronto Hydro project taking place within Ward 39. The rebuilding project will involve upgrading overhead electrical cables and replacing hydro poles within the City’s public property allowance.

The boundaries of the project include Reidmount Avenue (North), Reidmount Avenue (East), Sheppard Avenue East (South) and Kennedy Road (West). Please click on “Read more” to see the exact boundaries of the project. Read more…


Road and Water Mains Construction Work in Ward 39

In addition to hydro work, there will also be a number of road and water mains construction projects happening around the community. Locations and types of construction work can be seen at Read More…


Road Resurfacing Project on Birchmount Road

The City of Toronto will resume the work to resurface Birchmount Road from Steeles Avenue East to McNicoll Avenue, from April 23rd to May 31st. The City’s Contractor will grind the existing asphalt pavement and repave the road; and restore the boulevards with new topsoil and sod. For more information please click here


Notice of Closure: Steeles Public Library  

Beginning April 2nd, 2018, Steeles Public Library will be closed for approximately 7 months in order to conduct expansion and renovation work. The purpose of this project is to add new amenities and services to create a more enjoyable experience for library goers. Upon completion the library will have approximately 500 sq. ft of new space. Read more..


2018 Cultural Hotspot Launch 

The 2018 Cultural Hotspot is almost here! This year’s Cultural Hotspot will focus on highlighting the multifaceted cultures, arts and communities of centre/north Scarborough and will take place throughout the summer from May to fall in October.

This year’s Hotspot Launch Day will take place on May 9th, from 4-6pm at Malvern Town Centre. Come and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of cultural festivities!

Save the date for the 2018 Cultural Hotspot Launch on May 9th, 2018, 4:00-6:00pm at Malvern Town Centre. We’ll be heating things up with dance, food, music and more. See you there! Read more..


Annual Job and Career Fair

City’s upcoming Job and Career Fair on Wednesday May 9th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Scarborough Civic Centre.

This annual event is the third in a series of spring job fairs the City has been promoting.  All job seekers, with a special emphasis on youth aged 16 – 29, are welcome. Working together with our community partners, we have an impressive range of employers participating in this event. Read more..


Canada International Children’s Art Festival

The Children’s Art Festival, previously known as the Canada International Children’s Art Exhibition, was founded in 2002. Over the past sixteen years, the exhibition has featured over 10, 000 young artists aged 17 and under from across the world. Applications are being accepted from now until May 31st. Read more… 

Parking in front of your home on the “apron” of the driveway

You cannot park on the boulevard area between the curb and sidewalk (which is referred to as the “apron”) according to Chapter 918 of the Toronto Municipal Code. The ticket for parking on the apron is $65.00.  Read more.. 

Resurfacing driveways by asphalt and/or paving stones 

Are you thinking of resurfacing your driveway or replacing the asphalt and/or paving stones?

In order to do so, you will need to contact Transportation Services at the Scarborough Civic Centre in order to obtain a Paving Permit. You may contact Transportation Services at 416-396-7505 or visit them at Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive, 2nd Floor, Scarborough, Ontario.

Please be advised that there are City by-laws, guidelines and restrictions that could affect your plans for resurfacing or widening your driveway.

For more information please click here