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April 16, 2018 – People’s response about snow plowing


Hello Mr. Karygiannis,

We saw you tonight on CP24 April 16th, you were the first to stand up and say how wrong Mayor Tory and the Transportation Dept  to NOT PLOW our city streets, because of some BS about catch basins may be blocked!!!!!!!

As you said this is a absolute smoke screen and made no sense what so ever.  As you say the city was paralyzed , people could not get out of there driveways, roads were treacherous, city sidewalks NOT CLEARED, bus routes hard to get too because of unploughed roads and walkways, seniors struggling , mothers with prams not able to able to get down a street…… How can this happen.  Thoughtless, inconsiderate

Mayor … shame on you , big mistake on a election year. Was this about money. What you did made no sense and you know it. This could cost him the election.

Mr. Karygiannis , you should run for Mayor.

You say it like it is and you obviously stand up for your constituents

not like our councillor ….., who is a yes man and never does anything for his constituents .

Bravo Bravo



Mr. Karygiannis

Thank you for speaking up regarding the poor performance of city crews in removing snow and salting city streets and sidewalks. This is in fact , not the first instance of poor service.

I work in the operating room at Sunnybrook and Women’s Health Sciences centre. I am required to be at the hospital at all hours of the day and night, including weekends. It was well over 48 hours before any plough or salter came through my neighbourhood. I live on  a hill and it has been extraordinarily dangerous to get down three streets to any artery to get to work.

I truly  appreciate your sentiments expressed to CP24 today.





Several people are walking in the streets within Heathwood because the sidewalks are very treacherous.

I have seen pedestrians running on Steeles and also on Kennedy as the sidewalks are in terrible shape.

I personally had to walk from Kennedy Steeles to my home this afternoon on the Kennedy West sidewalk in about 2 to 3 inches of hard slush. Great stuff to twist an ankle or simply fall down.

I went in front of Kennedy school around 2 PM and the street was atrocious and the sidewalk not cleaned at all for the students.

R… had called 311 to get salt on our crescent. We saw the City truck around 3 PM doing one pass without salting and another pass with a bit of salt coming out . It did not do much to improve the situation as we still have the big tracks to follow in the street. Same on Canongate still.

I saw children with their moms having their shoes completely covered with water as they were crossing the street.

A real mess for the second class citizens.




Hi Jim:

Thank you for standing up with unhappy residence against the city.

How could they end the contract at the beginning of April as every Torontonians knows there is snow/ice storm in April.  Do we pay the contractors annual fees to cover the hole year?

Our case: They block the entrance of our drive way.  We got stuck.  Always they clean it next day, but 311 said: They will never do it again!!!! Please fire this contractor.





Thanks Jim. But guess what they just cleaned my street and have made a mountain at the end of the driveway. How will we able to get in. This at Fundy Bay




Hi Jim,

Not too late to do something with the sidewalks. It’s a dog walkers nightmare out there.

Many thanks




Jim. what about Sandy Haven Drive and Fundy Bay the streets are full of hard ice. My husband who salted our side walk and drive way is now trying to shovel the thick ice chunks as the salt has not been effective.

I guess those of us here in this area don’t get the swift response other areas receive.

The side walk needs urgent attention so no one sustains a serious injury.





I agree with the complaints, there should be a special clause in their contract allowing the City to call on them until the end of April if necessary especially with the change of weather all over the world.

Your emails and hard work are much appreciated,thank you.




Mr. Karygiannis ,

Thank you for addressing the concerns about the city’s failure to plow the snow.  It is totally unacceptable to leave the city streets under the conditions like today.  There are elderly, children and people going to work like me.  Even if the contract ended they should have another crew come in asap to deal with it under such extreme weather conditions.

Thank you for asking them to come tonight and get things cleared up.