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April 16, 2018 – Failure City Snow Storm Response

Dear Constituent

My phone has not stopped ringing off the hook today with the response which you have had in regards to snow plowing.

I have received emails that the municipality of the City of Markham has done a better job at cleaning their snow.

I have been on the phone and email with City of Toronto Transportation department staff and I am getting answers that they will address our concerns as best as possible.

It is totally unacceptable that our streets are not plowed and cleaned. I am advised that the contract for snow plowing end at the beginning of April and thus the City cannot snow plow our streets.

The sidewalks have not been cleaned especially major thoroughfares such as Finch Ave. I received a call from an individual that is disabled and depends on a wheel chair to get around. Today we failed him.

Here are his comments on an email which he send to Mayor Tory:

“Subject: Unsafe sidewalks and roads

Roads and especially sidewalks are very unsafe in ward 39, especially for people with mobility problems as I am in a wheelchair.

Large mounds of snow clog intersections making driving unsafe, and this is in close proximity to two schools.  Sidewalks on Bridletowne circle and Finch east are ice and snow covered making them impassable and treacherous, they haven’t been attended to. I learned after speaking to Mr. Karygiannis that services provided by contractors end April 1 and roads and sidewalks will not be cleared in this ward.

After watching you on cp24 defending storm response I feel you were disingenuous in your support of their efforts or lack of.  Are we to wait for warm sunny days to melt the ice before we can use our public sidewalks?”

To staffs credibility I asked for major streets in our subdivisions to be plowed and they are going out tonight to salt them as snow plowing cannot be done.

The responsibility lies with City Staff which take direction from City Council Today we failed you and for that I will be seeking answers.

Thank you for your understanding