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December 13, 2017 – 80th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre – 南京大屠杀80周年纪念

It is with a deep sense of reverence that I commemorate with you the 80th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre.

I join with the Chinese Canadian community in remembering the victims of this atrocity.

On December 13, 1937, the Japanese army captured the former Chinese capital city of Nanjing.  During the six weeks that followed, the occupying soldiers beat, killed, kidnapped and raped innocent civilians and soldiers.  In this atrocity, 300,000 people were brutally killed in a heinous display of the evil some humans are capable of.

I visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial in China, several times in the past 10 years, where I paid my respects.  I felt and understood the magnitude of the tragedy which occurred 80 years ago.  I prayed that the victims of the genocide are at peace. We pay homage to the victims and express solidarity with the survivors and their descendants.

As a City Councillor, I placed a Motion at Toronto City Council in 2016 for the recognition of the Nanjing Massacre.

Today I join both the Chinese community and the world, in the remembrance of these unimaginable crimes.  As we reflect on what transpired in Nanjing, it is our duty to prevent such crimes from being committed in the future.  It is through our collective remembrance that steps can be taken to make sure that no society ever sees such unspeakable acts again.

This is a day we solemnly acknowledge as we work toward a better future for all mankind.


Nanjing Massacre Presentation Panel December 9th 2017 Scarborough Civic Center






在过去的十年,我在中国参观了南京大屠杀纪念馆数次,在那里我表达了我的敬意。我感觉并了解到那场80年前悲剧的严重性。我为这场大屠杀的受害者祈祷,让他们得到安息。我们向受害者致敬,并声援幸存者及他们的后代。      作为一名市议员, 2016年我在多伦多市政厅提出承认南京大屠杀的动议。     今天,我与华人社区及全世界一起回忆这难以想象的罪行。当我们反思南京所发生的事,我们有责任防止此类事件在未来再次发生。通过我们的集体回忆,确保社会上不再有这样的残暴行为。     正是这一天,我们庄严地承认我们为全人类的美好未来而努力。



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