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December 1, 2017 – Upcoming Council Meeting

Dear Constituent,

There are a number of items coming up in City Council next week which have me gravely concerned:

1 – Downtown Rail Deck Park: I am opposed to the City spending $ 1.6 Billion-plus to build a 21 acre railway deck park downtown in order for the high-rise dwellers to walk their dogs. Down town Toronto is not park land poor. There is High Park, the Toronto Islands and all kinds of neighbourhood parks. We can spend the $1.6 Billion to start building the Sheppard Subway Line.

2 – AirBnB: I do not support AirBnB legalization, however, I will be willing to give the proposed regulations support if it includes the mandate that AirBnB operators must receive their neighbours permission, within a 100 meter radius.

Operators must also obtain police clearance in the same way that taxi drivers, teachers, and other people who work in regulated professions with the vulnerable public must also be cleared. Additionally, fees paid to the City by AirBnB operators must be raised 100%. This will result to my proposal of the following changes for the City to charge, annually, $10000 for the AirBnB parent companyy, $100 dollars for the operators, and $2 per night stay.

3 – Toronto City Hall Security: Security at City Hall is paramount. We have had terrorist attacks in our country at the House of Commons, threats and evasive intrusions at Queens Park. City Hall is completely exposed. We need to make sure that a level of security exists at City Hall which will protect the people that work there and the visiting public.

To run for federal and provincial parliament, a candidate must obtain a police clearance. Staff of federal and provincial offices are also vetted by security. Toronto City Councillors do not require a police clearance nor do their staff. This is astounding considering that staff and councillors handle confidential material.

Councillors and staff that handle confidential and sensitive material should be required to get police clearance in the same way that most government staff must comply with public sector security standards.

I would appreciate your thoughts on the above matter as we look to start deliberations in Council next week

If you have any questions, please contact my office directly by phone at (416) 392-1374 or by e-mail at jim@karygiannis.net.


Hon. Jim Karygiannis
Councillor Ward 39

100 Queen Street West, Suite A1
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2