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Watermain Cleaning and Relining on Pharmacy Avenue Start Date September 2017

Watermain Cleaning and Relining on Pharmacy Avenue


Contract: 17TW-OS-03CWD

Start Date: September 2017

End Date: December 2017

*Timeline is subject to change.


The City of Toronto will be cleaning and structurally re-lining the watermain in your area starting in the month of September. During this process, the City will also replace the City-owned portion of any substandard water service pipes.

The water service is the underground pipe that brings water to your water meter and is owned by you and by the City. The part that the City owns goes from the municipal watermain to your property line.  The part that you own goes from your property line to your water meter.


This project is part of the Council-approved Capital Works Program to renew our aging infrastructure, improve water distribution and reduce the risk of watermain breaks.


What to expect during construction:

  • You may experience dust, noise and other inconveniences. The City will make efforts to reduce the impacts. We appreciate your patience
  • Property owners should remove items located within City property limits (boulevard), such as landscaping and / or decorative objects
  • The City will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items on City property


For more information contact the Field Ambassador by phone at 647-923-3430 or by e-mail at TorontoWMrehab@mmm.ca.


Please see the map below for the affected area: